There in my abode I laid in comfort, suddenly I felt someone watching through my windows. Look, did you see that disgusting being. The whisperer is its name, true to their nature they lurk in dark, loathsome creatures with a wicked stench. The whisperers true to their calling speak words so vile and revolting, they are unbearable to listen to and suicide to believe. There they are lurking just beside your shadow ready to steal your secrets, beware they will destroy you with their words, heed my voice and guard your mouth because when the whisperer bites it kills. Their words are liken to that of a snakes bite, the bite might not be fatal but the venom is, destroying everything it touches until they taint your soul.

A wolf with many skins, they are masters of disguise. Those who have doubts fall prey to their deception, they are your neighbor’s, your friends, beware of the demon who acts as a friend for the end of it is a stab in the back. They who live off jealousy, smiles to your success but plans your downfall. I see you, you who gives trust easily you are but snacks to feed their rage. There in the dark they abide, with blood red eyes that seems to pierce your soul, they miss nothing and see everything down to your deep dark secrets. The bogeyman with a vendetta, a beast with a grudge, their rage runs wild unconstrained with a sole thought ‘destroy’.

Those who know them call them with clenched teeth, they who destroy friendship and unravels homes. They destroy what they can’t have, what you own makes them angry and all they ever want is for you to be destroyed. What they covet they destroy, I liken them to demons whose want is insatiable and are so jealous that they destroy everything they can’t have. The nightmare dressed in finery, they are loathed by all, there they are when you least expect them waiting patiently for you drop your guard, seeking to steal your prized secrets. They lurk in the dark hanging unto every word even the whispers in your sleep, the thing of nightmares they scare and terrorize those they love and destroy those who anger them. The whisperers glorious in their disgust, they are not to be pitied. They exist to create pain and suffering, their soul is an ocean of darkness filled with unimaginable pain. They who are not to be reasoned with, beware of the avenging demons that lies in wait for your loose tongue. Watch and guard your mouth, to be forewarned is a privilege, be wise!

Ismail Issa


Lover of Books, Writer, Digital Marketer and Tech gadget freak. My philosophy is simple "Plan, Pray and Be Patient".