Whatsapp Will Not Support Some Phones From December 31

Whatsapp Will Not Support Some Phones From December 31

According to express.co.uk,It has been confirmed from the company of the Facebook-owned mobile messaging app, WhatsApp that it will stop functioning on a number of mobile platforms from December 31, 2017 viz: Blackberry OS,Blackberry 10,Windows Phone 8.0 and older platforms.


They added that the above devices do not have the necessary capabilities that would expand their app in the long run.The company suggested that those who use the affected devices should endeavour to upgrade it to a newer OS Version ,iPhone OS running Android 7+ or Windows Phone 8.1+ to continue using Whatsapp. Also,the app will not work on Nokia S40 after December 2018,Android OS version 2.3.7 and older after December 2020.

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