It was a stuffy evening in the social science large lecture theater as the 2017 edition of the jaw wars started in grand style. The venue was filled to the brim with students from all constituencies of UI, as natives came to cheer their greatest warriors.

Even before the event started the audience were already riled up, as students were seen jostling for better seats and better view of the podium. The opening ceremony was indeed an event to be remember in history as the Jaw war again proved doubters wrong. The event was interesting, jaw dropping and bloody as warrior showed no restraint in their play of words.

One of the highlights of the events was the return of Al-ameen, one of the best speakers in 2016 as he literarily dropped the mic practically sending the audience into a joyful frenzy as spoke swords and knives hat left his opponents bloody. The president, Lord Tedder hall L&D; Alo Oluwabamise opened the event an opening prayer. The defending champions Ransome Kuti Hall and the faculty of Clinical sciences paraded their trophies word last year to the delight of the spectators.

The Speech Coach, University of Ibadan in his opening remarks; Demola Lewis apologized for the choice of venue which could contain the large number of spectators before he officially declared the debate competition opened. In her opening speech the President, Central literary and debating society, University of Ibadan; Miss Oluwaseun said she was a little overwhelmed by the large turnout of spectators present to witness the opening ceremony, she further reinstated that the theme of this year jaw war has be titled “Answers to Global Questions”. Exercises the need for the different speaker to address plethora of issues plaguing our society and providing solutions to them through jaw breaking speeches.

The comperes, Demola Owolabi (Demo Pumpin) and Elizabeth Nwanrueze anchored the event making the event a continuous ecstasy to the riled spectators. The Jaw war is contested by 23 constituencies comprising of 13 Faculties and 10 Halls of Residence. The Jaw war like the years before will be ferocious as great speakers born of the University of Ibadan will fight fiercely with beating Jaws, tongue watering words of awesomeness, Ballistic logic and Blazing Delivery. The fun, excitement and finger tapping experience is just beginning as more word of fire, wild ovation, Jaw breaking speeches are still to be expected.

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The Judges at the opening ceremony which was the first round of the session were Dr. Francis (Department of CLA), Dr. Soji Cole (Department of theatre arts), Mrs. Stephen Adeshina (Chief Judge). The score keeper was Victor Jonathan with the Time Keeper as Ojo Aderemi. The speakers were judged on the basis of appearance, delivery, content and facts, persuasiveness, rebuttal, time management amongst others.

The first round session was a tense round with the much anticipated rematch between Lord Tedder Hall Vs Kuti Hall, the face off of genders between the Mellanby Hall Vs Awo Hall, Independence Hall Vs Queen Idia Hall, Queen Elizabeth Hall Vs Nnamdi Azikwe Hall and the doctors of ABH Vs Sultan Bello Hall.

The first round session ended with few surprises as the ladies want on complete rampage defeating their male counterpaters in what proved to be a jaw dropping experience. The break down can be seen below


Tedder Hall       70.58% – 69.50% Kuti Hall

Mellanby Hall   62.50% – 65.58% Awo Hall

ABH                    68.60% – 71.91% Bello Hall

Idia Hall             72.25% – 66.67% Indy Hall

Zik Hall               67.90% – 73.80% Queens Hall.

The competition continues on Friday 3rd of November, 2017. Let’s not forget, it is not an event you want to miss. We at VASITI will keep you posted every step of the way.

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