An Untold Story: Snail Lover 7

An Untold Story: Snail Lover 7


The words of Jack sent cold shivers down Akila’s Spine.Akila had enveloped it in her mind that even if it takes centuries to get back on her feet again,she would never leave Ryan without a proper thank-you.The thoughts that her precious plans would have to be divorced and the poisoned Skinny kids lying on the ground made her almost went crazy.She was really crazy with her decision.The ‘Our lady has gone mad again’ looks descended on Jack and Ryan.

I will go with you,Jack.On one condition….you must not tamper with Ryan and his work again.He isn’t the one indebted to you.Do your worst to me and do not think you will always have your way’.


Jack was not really shocked by her actions.He knew that she could do anything to protect anyone who reaches out to her.It was this caring side that made her crossed paths with Jack in Butterfield High school.The weirdest thing about her was that despite her large heart back then,she does not entrust her heart to people very easily especially the opposite sex.The very reason he was very ruthless about having her by his side.He wouldn’t let anyone else have her even if he had to box her in prison.In a twinkle of an eye,an ambulance arrived.The ambulance workers alighted from it with three stretchers and carried the three skinny kids into the ambulance.

Ryan could not read Jack’s expressionless face after Akila had confronted him.His fears was that Jack’s prolonged silence seems like he has a lot of dangerous strategies going through his mind.He was gamed for whatever he was planning.He could not give her up to a wild explorer.Ryan held her hands tightly for the first time as if they were going to take to their heels at a go. She felt so strange about the tight touch but her level of understanding was not that shallow to be silly.

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Still holding her hands,he drew close to Jack,their chests were almost touching like a magnetic surface as though chest boxing was about to start.Jack had a wider and stone-like chest,Ryan would have to be hospitalized for months if their chests struck harder than that.


‘I don’t care about what you know about her but she will only leave when she wants to.You don’t have any right to boss a poor lady around,crazy!’

Jack refused to be drawn on the drama that unfolded.He bent forward, picked up an empty sheet and scribbled down ‘Ryan,you are now officially on my blacklist’.He smothered a wild grin as though he were an hyena and flung the sheet at them.


The duo were suffocated by the act he pulled off but they laughed it off as they walked slowly back home .

‘you know when people dips in the past too much like a morsel.It tortures their present.T hey might go crazy….battle with bad dreams and loneliness… Just like Jack….He is really going to go crazy if he doesn’t wise up very soon’.Akila whispered it to Ryan.



The war has not ended yet.Akila seems to face war here,there and everywhere even when she obviously did nothing silly.Julia was fidgeting at the Verandah as though she was in red.she fumed up in indignation when she saw how Akila whispered softly to her boyfriend as they were coming towards her direction.She went ahead and slapped Akila before they drew closer to the verandah.


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