An Untold Story : Snail Lover 5

An Untold Story : Snail Lover 5

In An Unknown Room

The room was dark,serene but full of beams.Variety of Shoes was neatly arranged in four sets of shoe rack at the north side of the room like a shoes’ palace…..Unisex clothes were overflowing too.It had this Oscillations of Dior Homme Cologne that spices the nose to stupor every five seconds.Akila’s hads and legs were tied together on a Black and White Queen sized bed as though she were in an Asylum. Lips chapped,her natural hair seems like a piece of rubbish;She had torn away her Red Gown in a fit of anger ;In a twinkle of an eye,she broke loose after several attempts with a thin drinking straw that was placed in a metal tray coupled with a glass of Sangria wine and a plate of classy macaroni salad last night.She flung the package in full force at a dressing mirror which was at the left wings of the bed.

It was the cracking of the plates and glass cup that drew the attention of a young and lanky dude who was very relaxed on a chaise longue chair from the verandah of the room.Masked and Friendly Eyes but he appeared defensive when he was shocked that his jail bird has broken loose.

‘How dare you?’.He said.

She was not too aggressive as expected;She stood up from one corner of the bed after a quick survey at the countenance of the dude and jeered at him.

‘I don’t think I am too sick to know who you are,where I am,where I am going,why I have to be tied here and why I Can’t set myself free in my own accord’.

It was then that the dude realised that she was attacking him on a mini underwear that exposes her beauty spots; She was so blind to it because of her howling rage.The dude picked a pink blanket from the Queen Sized bed and covered her with it from her chest to the toes.Blind queen released herself from the blanket and threw it at him blazing in sensitive words.

‘Why are you on a mask to taunt me? Besides,this place seems familiar…what are you up to before blood flows?……’

He grabbed her by the throat, almost forcing their lips to meet.She smacked him as though she did that to a lifeless thing.It was the first time she had desired to faint just to erase awkward circumstances easily as it was before but seemingly she could not.Obviously,Her body was growing to become Stronger ….. stronger to stand things without having to fall with sluggishness….It seems she does not seem to understand yet.Dude felt his swollen cheeks with his hands and dragged her to the verandah like a slaughtered ram.

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At The Verandah

‘Crazy! I am Jack Essien.I know you can’t remember this….Your deceased family have wronged my household and I in the past.I had so many guts.To work like a slave in what belongs to me because I wanted to stay close to you….I treated you like a princess even when you are caged.…. Sangria wine!…..the anger I had to bury for years…. Do you think it can be paid with the highest denominations of frigging dollars?.Do you know what gave me this gut feeling ?It was because your love was the only thing I had been pursuing right from childhood…. One-sided frigging thing!…. Shit Shit……were you even ever friendly?…yet you had the silly guts to set yourself free without me.Do you think that loosened ropes and cords is enough to set you free from me? You are totally wrong….Kila….’. He said.

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She moved about two strides to his back side,grabbed his collar and torn his expensive and branded blue shirt with her long and silver painted nails.He laughed up his sleeve as if he was going to run mad.It was an hysterical laughter that made him struck her with his fashionable belt to the extent that the punching thing was in disaster.The duo seemed very tired lying on the ground..It was not enough…She gathered some strength to provoke the circumstances even though she was wounded and swaying as though she would be dead before dawn.

<em>’Yes….I don’t know how I have never reciprocated your love from 16 …
I don’t know how my parents wronged your family…I don’t know ….Even then….Isn’t the mental pains that had been ingrained in me since 16 not enough to reciprocate it? Isn’t the shame of being abnormal ….exiled from the thinking faculty of a normal person …aren’t those things enough too? Is this what you called love?No space…No consideration….just your selfish frame of mind….how is it my fucking business if it was included in your list of passions? why would you taunt me with the past? Things I was never aware of.
.. things that aren’t firm enough to have me under your control.…’.She fell under his arms.

An unexpected ambulance came out of nowhere.A familiar face ordered the ambulance workers to carry her in a stretcher leaving Jack behind.

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