An Untold Story: Snail Lover 4

An Untold Story: Snail Lover 4

Bailey Street,Nigeria


Akila regained consciousness after she went through the baptism of water and pleadings from a group of People at the roadside. A young guy nearly hit her with his Highlander car on the road.He was the one that called the people when he seemed helpless. The people dispersed after she opened her eyes but the clean dude in his late 20s stayed back to know what was wrong with her.

‘Are you Okay?’

She glued to the spot without uttering a word for about ten minutes like a random dunce.Her memory had already scrapped off as though it was blown away by the wind.Though the voice and the circumstances that laid her body to the ground had disappeared in the thin air,it hovered around the corners of her mind.The memories of her workplace had all gone like waves.The Fresh looking dude panted her warmly with his baby- like hands on bended knees after several minutes of repeating the same words without any single response.It was then she greeted him with fire questions in a thin and shaky voice.

‘Who are you?How do you get here?Why are you here? Can’t you tell me?’


However slight,he did not understand her but he kept flowing with her softly like a melodic hymn.It was too rare for a stranger to be that patient even when he was obviously sinking in confusion.


‘My name is Ryan.I am a Medical Doctor but I practice in the States.…I saw you lying at the centre of the road while I was coming from the airport.You survived an accident that could have been caused by me by an hair’s breadth because I didn’t know initially that a person was on the then I saw some group of people coming towards your side.I thought they knew you but they tagged along with me to help you regain your consciousness and they left thereafter.what made you faint in such a dangerous place?you could have died in a Matter of seconds you know…’



Akila’s eyeballs turned red all of a sudden and what followed was Oceans of tears and sweat that drenched her mini red gown;It made her look more awkward and strange.She had scoured her heart but no pieces of answer surfaced.All she kept hammering away to the dude was her ignorance.

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‘I don’t know.All I know was that someone cheated me.I was angry….I heard a voice and then everything just went dark and blank.I could not even remember I was at a roadside.I thought I was on my bed.I can’t even remember the life I have lived.Am l in this world? Please tell me the truth ‘

Ryan hung his head like a Criminal who has just received a death penalty;His expression was full of emotions.He did not know when he held her hands to his and hugged her tightly.In a twinkle of an eye,a hand dragged him from her side and pushed him to the ground.The situation seemed to Ryan like an electrocution crisis.A medium-sized dropped from the guy’s pocket.Ryan crawled secretly and picked up the card from behind ;The other guy was not observant.He almost lost his mind as the hand grabbed his throat in thorough protestation.It was a masculine hand,manipulative yet soft.

‘How does a filthy man know my girlfriend?do you want to hurt her?….so stop messing around,man!’


As Ryan’s mind kept humming girlfriend like a bee that is about to be processed for honey,the guy took her way.The image in the card he had picked up blew his imagination;It looked like Akila.He wanted to run but his strength did not let him off.



Ajayi Mary


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