An Untold Story: Snail Lover 2

An Untold Story: Snail Lover 2

If there was a room made specially for tears and anger,Akila’s room would fit in the most. Everyone hesitated to ease her fears.It is the music she had been terribly inspired to dance to,no one had the slightest idea of how to stop that music.she was not even ready to stop that scary music anyway.Looking away would be very difficult when your scary moments always seems like a threat to some people,that was how Akila met Sandy and they became fated friends.

Sandy’s Doorsteps Doomed

Fate tied them together like a wedding knot when Akila hit her head against her dressing table.She crawled to sandy’s doorsteps with broken pieces of mirror and blinking phone that clang to her left hands like a baby;Sandy removed the phone from her hands and threw it away in a fit of anger She couldn’t help but rush her to the nearest clinic;but you know, Nemesis caught up with Sandy when Akila’s blinking phone nearly landed her in a big trouble.It was Jack.

At The Police Station

Jack made an ignorant statement against Sandy of assaulting the victim;while he called the latter at that moment,he heard the weeping voice of the victim and sensed an aggressive voice in the background.Sandy had all the circumstances of the case totally against her;An uncaring neighbour?……Exciting?…..Her fingerprints was found in one of the broken mirrors?the greatest of all ‘geez’……the traces of a scratch by her fingernails was found on Akila’s hands….cornered?…The case was struck out as a result of the negotiation that Sandy had made with Jack.

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Sandy’s Negotiation Statement With Jack

I promise to be her bodyguard,caring neighbour and friend.Wherever she tread,I will tread . When she hits her head against her dressing table in the future,i would come to her aid without anger or malice.If I can’t,i will hit my head with her and both of us will become victims.Failure to do this will land me in prison .

The one who hired a bodyguard or the one who became a bodyguard?Who truly cares the most? Let’s brace up ourselves for the next episode.

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