So many questions and not enough answer lies the origin of the unknown. The answers to so many why’s, what’s, where’s, who and when. The answers lie in uncertainty breathing impossibility, the reply confuses it begs insanity to understand. That’s why it’s named the absolute, to something that feels unattainable that it loses reason. It exist in a realm of its own where it rules, it’s his domain, and you intrude at the risk of your sanity. Many go in search of the unknown but only a few find what they seek when they venture into the realm, I learnt the hard way that it’s a fools dream to venture into the realm of the unknown. The possibilities of the unknown is seductive, it draws you to its core making you want then lust after its knowledge but beware all that glitters is not gold, if you are not sure what you seek do no enter into the realm of the unknown least you be lost for eternity. Heed my words or learn the hard way that the unknown is not a respecter of persons but of the will of the heart and of your conviction.

Tethering on the edge of sanity, hanging on a tread of reason I stood swaying, riffling through depths of my brain seeking the answer to question asked. The unknown stood unrepentant before me daring me to give an answer, lest it pushes me over the edge. I sought the unknown and found the Pandora’s Box, it goaded me taunting me to seek the answer but all I found was just more unknown. The unknown is a growing tree of discord and can be likened to a hydra because as you seek to answer one head it splits into two creating more unknowns. The mystery of the unknown has been since the beginning, as old as time itself it is an unending quest but if you want to embark on this mission steel your heart and know the unknown you seek lest you be lost the sea of time and knowledge.

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The unknown is like magic and some incredible people are drawn by this force. That is me and you, we who have a magnet eye for mysterious, searching alone turns my head in circles. I think my eyes are starry, hopefully then I will see what I seek. I at times think I will know the answers after the people and places of this world are gone. Questions like a thousand wars rage across the globe my mind seeking words that reveal the unknown. I wonder what it would be like if all the world could know what they wish to know, maybe then we all will be set free from the bonds of the unknown.





Ismail Issa


Lover of Books, Writer, Digital Marketer and Tech gadget freak. My philosophy is simple "Plan, Pray and Be Patient".