Unilag V Ui: Which One Has The Most Influential Student Entrepreneurs?

Unilag V Ui: Which One Has The Most Influential Student Entrepreneurs?

The fact that Unilag and Ui produces not just entrepreneurs but influential and Flamboyant ones can never send hot gargles down my spine,you know when you are trained to be ‘commercially-minded'(my catchphrase though),it becomes part of you.You find yourself doing commercial things excellently even when you do not have commercial genes.One does not need to be there,the facts speaks for itself.Both institutions expose their students to various entrepreneurship Programmes and Opportunities that will inspire them to give the best shot in their various Entrepreneurial pursuits.The reason you will find most graduates from this institutions pass their Job interviews smoothly because they are not moulded to mix only salt and water,inject people with drugs or Even then,restricted to only the languages of court.


The very reason it is a bit difficult to pick up a note at the first thought and figure out the most influential student entrepreneurs because both sides have excellent ones.we ha e a good number of students in the same neutral position as I am but you know your heart finds answer at the end.

Mano wasn’t sure of what to say at first because he knew few entrepreneurs in Ui but he came up with something beautiful at the very end.



Opinion Poll(1st round)


Mano(Unilag Student)

‘ I believe when another University is contending with unilag, if that University isn’t known for whatever it is known for Unilag will always have the upper hand.Why? Unilag has the enabling environment. Where do people come to when they need student models? Unilag.Or at least unilag would always be prioritized.And it’s not wrong
Because we have more opportunities I guess because of the way lagos is’.


Ayodele Tobi(Ui Student)

‘Population to relative land mass in Unilag gives room for innovation which entrepreneurs need. And they have the market to market their product too plus there are lot of business school over there which students partake in’


Well…Everything depends on our definition of influence.. However,I believe all Entrepreneurs have the same measure of influence but at the same time,there are some categories of people which I view as Glorified Entrepreneurs,those that have heaps of awards hidden in their wardrobe,people you will hardly not recognize their brands and products when you see them,those that their sandals can enter Aso rock ,white house or probably blue house without being kicked out by Security men.We have lots of influential Student entrepreneurs in Unilag such as Oladipo Hammed(CEO of Hkr8ive) who is into Graphic designing,branding,printing and wears.He is probably a final year student or fresh graduate of Unilag and he won the most enterprising individual in both Unilag awards and Universities Oscar awards,Jennifer Oboh Adegoke Tomi,Bamidele Adams(CEO of Feg Clothier).

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.From University of Ibadan,meet miss Oguntunji IyanuJesu(Final year Law Student of the University of Ibadan and the CEO of Cravings and cream),the standard of her Cakes showed her works has gone places,Ajibesin Priscilla (200l Law student,CEO of 1911 brand).

Bamidele Adams(CEO of Feg Clothier,Unilag)
Ajibesin Priscilla (CEO of 1911 brand,Ui Student)
Picture Credit:Ui Studentpreneur Instagram page


Opinion Poll(2nd round)


Dolapo (Unilag Student)

‘Nice. Well, UNILAG students like being entrepreneurs. Probably because it’s Lagos, everyone knows lagosians has good entrepreneurs’.


Ogebule Samuel Ademola (Ui Student)

‘Hmm… Well I’m in UI and I know that this school has almost a quarter of it entire student population in one business or another. But Lagos is synonymous with business and it’s kinda hard to look past UNILAG’.

One of Hammed’s works(CEO of Hk8ive,Unilag) Winner Of Unilag Awards and Universities Oscar Award 2016 as the most enterprising individual.
Benjamin Favour(CEO of Charis Ushers,Ui Student)



I guess I can’t fathom the answers to this burning theme alone,the facts will speak for itself as i earlier said.If you think the above opinions isn’t fair enough,kindly register your opinion at the comment box.Thanks.


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