Unilag V UI: Which One Has The Best Student Bloggers?

Unilag V UI: Which One Has The Best Student Bloggers?

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers”-Brian Clark.


Blogging is like a Champagne in a Champagne Glass cup, a person who is not holding such glass can easily see through it but you know,most persons that truly holds the glass cup only care about what they have to drink in the cup and its pleasure.The delicateness and transparency of blogging is the reason one can easily fathom an excellent blog from a mere noisy platform…the reason one can easily tell whether University of Lagos or University of Ibadan has the best Student bloggers.


The question is how can one determine perfect blogs.In my own opinion, Good blogs are known for their number of views and comments by visitors per day,level of Publicity,quality of posts and on and on like that.Of course,in a more realistic way,both institutions met the first and second criteria since they have various student blogs ,one should expect many visitors and some random Publicity,there are social media class groups and all unless the blogger is a stale person.Despite the fact that most students’ blog in UI and Unilag tends to meet the first and second aforementioned criteria of a good blog , what makes the student bloggers in both institutions unique? The thing is, what distinguishes a unique blogger from a average blogger lies in the quality of their posts.You know,students will definitely flee from your blog like Lot when you post stale and Late things.Based on this, some students from both University of Ibadan and University of Lagos gave their honest opinions on which of the aforementioned institutions have the best Student bloggers.

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Mano(University Of Lagos)

I don’t really know any UI blog/blogger but i know a couple of Unilag bloggers like OlodoNation and some others I’m not sure of their names.So I believe Unilag has the best Student blogger even though I do not know some of Ui bloggers.

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Tomiwa(University Of Ibadan)

Hmm….. from my end….It is a no-no… We ain’t particularly good bloggers.This is because I haven’t necessarily felt the impact of blogging in UI…most info blog posts in UI comes late and stale..I believe as bloggers we could do better. If there’s a standard as bloggers ,UI bloggers are too far behind.

Anonymous (University Of Ibadan)

We have many blogs in UI like Waziriblog,Rationalblog,Kingston dome,Solacelodge e.t.c. Our biggest blogger so far is sirkenayo which cannot be compared with the likes of Unilagolodo.

CEO of Unilagolodonation(Ibrahim Salawu)
Sirkenayo(Ayodeji Kehinde) UI Student blogger but now a fresh Graduate of UI
Akomolafe Ayomikun(CEO of Akomolafe Blog,UI) Winner of Best Campus Blog at SWAAPS Award 2017
Adebanjo David is the CEO of Kingston Dome Blog,UI


I will always hammer it away to my great readers that Public Opinions tells it all….the best thing a writer can do is to protect his/her neutrality.Men that laboured in the past did not chart the course of the world to the point it is now alone,their legacy was built from the experiences,opinions and critics from other people. To the particular University whose Student bloggers are not in the good graces of public opinions, it is an honest call on them to strive for perfection.To the other University,it is better not to rest on one’s oars.




Ajayi Mary


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