Twenty Nigerian Girls Sold Off In Libya

Twenty Nigerian Girls Sold Off In Libya

Nigerian returnee from Libya has
given an appealing account of how 20 Nigerian girls were sold off as slaves and also how he was also swindled and transported to Libya with a promise of luxury in Europe.Surprisingly,he found himself in Penury of the highest order and ended up in Jail in the North African Country.

Nigerian girls that were sold off and killed in Libya


The saddest part of the story is built on the fact that our greatest enemy lives around us.The returnees were not just transported to Libya by Accident,fellow Nigerians initiated it.Alex Otoide who was one of the 168 Nigerians evacuated from the North African country said that he witnessed the sale of 20 Nigerian girls where they were all kept in the prison and 25 people out of the 55 ones that travelled to Libya died in the desert.He added that a Nigerian man named Charles who persuaded him to travel collected N500,000 from him and ran away with it.Charles was also in charge of Libyan camp which is run without any provision for food.

Nigerians who were killed without their identity being identified and were buried without proper graves

Another Returnee who refused to give his name stated that Charles was responsible for many atrocities against Nigerian migrants in Libya.


Many of the returnees has now been camped in Benin-city,the Edo State Capital in their skinny and exhausted looks as they are currently being rehabilitated by Governor Godwin Obaseki.The Governor has promised to reintegrate them back into the society by putting them through series of skills.Alex Otoide was one of those returnees in the camp.

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