Tips on How to Send that Hiccups Packing

Tips on How to Send that Hiccups Packing

I was in a cab today and sat beside a guy, now this story isn’t about me but the guy.

It was a fifteen minutes drive and all through the drive he was hiccuping. I could tell he was uncomfortable and I could understand his discomfort and so can you. We all have definitely been in his shoes before.

We happened to alight at the same bus stop and then I got the chance to share some tips on how to make the hiccups go away.

Just because I am nice, I would share them with you too.

Hold your breath: Yes, we all know this tip. So breath in deeply and hold your breath for about ten seconds, then breath out slowly. Repeat this three to four times

Get water: Water works wonders with hiccups. You can either drink it quickly, gargle with it or you can sip it slowly while holding your breath if it is warm

Pull on the tongue: Hold the end of the tongue in the fingers and tug. *but this might look totally uncool especially if you are beside your crush*

Taste it: Place some granulated sugar on the tongue and swallow it when it melts. You can also suck on a slice of lemon or place a couple of drops of vinegar in your mouth. The sour taste of these two would stop the hiccups in its tracks.

Compress your chest: Please do not get scared. You can do this by gently leaning forward or by bringing your knee to your chest and hugging them for two minutes if you are lying down.

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You  might not know it but most times hiccups are caused by eating too quickly, eating or drinking too much, noxious fumes and certain medications. It usually resolves on its own but if you have been hiccuping for more than two days now, you should contact your doctor.

So back to my story, the guy and I exchanged numbers and before we parted ways he told me this fun fact about hiccups.

Did you know that Charles Osborne in Anthon, Iowa had the longest attack of hiccups ever recorded? He started hiccuping in 1922 and continued until his death in 1990. That’s 68 years.  I did not know too till today.

PS: The guy’s hiccup stopped before we parted ways.

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