Here Are Few Tips On How To Combine Work And Study As A Student

Here Are Few Tips On How To Combine Work And Study As A Student

You really have to keep this at the back of your mind that whether you need to work to fend for yourself,complement the goodies you get from home or even to stretch out your talent…Combining work and study is a delicate but important choice that will deeply influence your tomorrow.Some Students in a bid to satisfy the above options get too sucked in work that it irritates their study and all.Therefore,it is a subject that should not be taken with levity hands.Here is a few list of questions that will help you to be a great multitasker though it is inexhaustible viz;

•Have you made up your mind?

•Are you ready to face the challenges involved?

¶Likely Challenges

•More Stress,less energy especially during Exam periods.If you are a writer,your articles might lose creative values due to stress at times.

•Expect the unexpected (You might have to reschedule your reading timetable constantly)

•Less time for Extra-curricular activities in School.


¶Challenges’ Clinic

•Make a detailed and sassy Schedule

•Get Plenty Rest

•Save some time for relaxation

•Carry your study materials to anywhere.

•Have a study group to ease your reading.

•Go to the line of work that you find absorbing ; This is because you won’t be able to let it off amidst challenges.


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