Nigeria is undisputedly a giant, but its sound asleep. The idea of restructuring has always been on the mind of Nigerians, ever since our liberation from the British. Although there have been various restructuring over the years, like the restructuring from the regional to the state system of governance but the idea of restructuring the Nigerian people want is far from realization. The Nigerian people dream, they dream of a paradise where everything they deserve is given, where everything they desire is attainable so they put their hope in restructuring, looking to their leaders to attain a level of restructuring that befits a giant.

Is it time to restructure Nigeria? The simple answer is yes, the fact that Nigeria is lagging even as a developing country isn’t a hidden truth. The Nigerian masses cry unheeded on the state of economy, screaming for a restructuring that is unassailable. It’s generally agreed that for a great change to occur something unusual must happen, this is also true in the fact that an unusual change is required to restructure a nation which screams change but fights against change. It is impossible to build a mansion out of rocks if you do not want the rock to change form, a Nigeria that is ready for restructuring must have a strong conviction towards change to actualize a desired restructuring.

General Babangida in a recent interview said and I quote “Nigeria, my dear country, is not a stranger to crisis, nor is she immune to it. In a profound sense, she can be said to have been created out of crisis, a nation state that will continue to strive to subdue and transcend crises. In over a century of its formalized colonial architecture, Nigeria has grown and made remarkable progress in the midst of crises.” The words of one of our former leader expresses a Nigeria that is never far from crisis i.e. a Nigeria who thrives in crisis. Think back, is there a time when Nigeria wasn’t in one kind of crisis or the other, it’s as if crisis are drawn to her because as one crisis is put down another sprouts in its place or have you forgotten that it was after the vermin in the Niger delta were put down that the scum of the north arouse.

The strife to attain a desired restructuring for this country has been long fought, many times since our independence. Each transition from the British mode of governance to the military regime to the civilian government, has been one way or another of trying to restructure a stubborn country. It is a disgracing truth that restructuring hasn’t really worked for our country over the year because of the blind need to swallow our vomits thinking it is better, I liken this to the idiotic ranting’s of a particular group calling for the reinstatement of the military governance. Generation after generation  the mantle of leadership and restructuring is passed, entrusting the new and more enlightened generation to do the impossible, but as history will have it all that is ever made is promises and nothing is ever truly done, Just like a child that’s got an old lego set and is trying to make new one. All efforts to create the new set always ends up with a dysfunctional hybrid of the two.

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Nigeria to those who don’t know is a proud country, even when in crisis we still make the world feel our presence. The pride of the nation that is Nigeria suffers, written on the faces of most Nigerians is a longing for greatness, to be able to carry the proud colors of our great nation next to veteran world leader like United States of America. Not many will agree but where there is Nigeria, there is always a dream, an added strength and a new hope but what is hope when you commander in chief in his vermin infested office is doing little or nothing towards achieving what is sought. I say it’s time to restructure Nigeria, I say it’s time we have leaders who are willing to do the unthinkable to obtain the greatness we seek even at the risk of madness because the greatest accomplishments in history where not done by mediocre men.

Recently the leaders of the Yoruba race gathered at the Oyo state capital to discuss the ongoing call for restructuring, with The National Coordinator of Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) Otunba Gani Adams, calling the attention of the Yoruba community to the growing hate speeches in the country. This reminds us of the fact that even our leaders acknowledges that there’s an urgent need to restructure. The unanswered question however is the kind of restructuring that is required, with different ethnic and religious groups shouting for a kind of restructuring or the other, this situation begs for an answer that will relive the growing tension.


The need find a lasting solution to the division and economic struggles of our dear country, the fact that restructuring is need can no longer be ignored. It goes without saying that if things remain as they are casualties may occur, before the eyes of people open to take actions. In conclusion, for true restructuring to occur there must be a wiliness to abandon what we believe as tradition and embrace the growing utopia that is the information age and with it take Nigeria to the clouds where it belongs, let’s together wake our slumbering giant.



Ismail Issa


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