Have you met a gOD,I have and I was pissed. Thinking back I feel sad that I couldn’t say my mind, I was scared, and who wouldn’t. That very moment when you realize that you are in presence of god you know just how insignificant you are, so little you could be destroy in a breath. I met a gOD, I felt his power and cowered before him. He spoke his command and we obeyed, the consequences of disobedience was hell.

What he commanded was wrong, painful and evil. What could we have done, his word was gospel, we exist in his domain, his world his rules but that didn’t quell my anger it just fuelled my fury. This god before me has an absolute power but he decides to use it to oppress, to prove to us that in his abode he his god. What a waste, such foolishness shouldn’t be heard of a god in all his glory.

He spoke, we listen. He preached, we believed. We heard and learnt, he is the god all knowing, he in his infinite power bestowed us knowledge it was his duty, then he became lazy coming late to sermons, missing seminars. We were left to find the blessing of knowledge we needed. It was tedious, a bitter experience for we lacked the power of understanding. This god of mine expects us to prove ourselves as worthy disciples but he wouldn’t teach us. I don’t know what is going on in his mind, who can know the thoughts of a god. It scares me the workload, can you imagine what you must know to please a god, and yes I know I too thought about it, it’s crazy.

He expects a miracle that’s all I can tell you, because I don’t know how in the time left to trials I would obtain the required knowledge. The only solution I have in mind is a miracle, for in this pissed of state I will not find my miracle and I need this miracle. I must pass judgement and be proved worthy the alternative is unbearable, its hell and I have seen it, it’s like staring into an unending vortex of sadness and pain. No I must succeed I will pay the price whatever it might be, I will have my miracle and rid myself of this egocentric god.

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The trials are almost here I have not gotten my miracle, am in panic. Our god in his infinite mercy decide visited our habitat, he came bearing bitter gifts, no tears came forth has I heard my fate but my heart wailed and wailed until it could wail no more. I stared speechless as I heard every sentence of his word in my head echoing against the base of my skull,” you shall have six test in your trials you must answer five, the first test is compulsory and you have four hours to provide correct answers and anyone who refuses has automatically condemned himself to hell because he will never pass.” This is where things become desperate because I was in an impossible situation with little or no hope of success because I lacked the necessary knowledge. Have you felt frustrated, hopeless and angry all at the same time, if u have not I have and take my word you never ever want to be in that situation you may lose you will to live.

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“Yes!!!!!!!!!!!” that was my cry of joy when I met favour, I still can’t explain how I met him but he brought my miracle. I was out of control I cried until my voice could go no further that didn’t stop me from jumping for joy like a crazy horse, I was mad with joy it’s a feeling to crave I tell you, its breath taking and seductive, I wished could hold on to that feeling forever and then it passed. I will be eternally grateful to my unnamed benefactor, he gifted me the knowledge, the miracle I sought now it’s time to study.

Hell I will never get to meet you, I am determined to pass my trial, and I shall succeed. These are the words I spoke to myself every day from now till the day of judgement. I have faith, little it may be but there’s hope I feel accomplished, I have done all I think I possibly can now it’s left to the god in whom all power resides to reward my efforts and bestow me with a crown of stars the highest honour a disciple can attain. That’s my dream.



Ismail Issa


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