The Cultist

The Cultist


I am a one man cultist and its sucks, but that’s the way it has to be for all time, you want to know why. The answer is quite simple ask yourself, why do you go to bed at nigh?, why do you think it’s the moral thing to greet friends, speak the truth and obey commands? The reason, for those who are so blind and lost that they can’t find answer within is “you never ask questions, you never sought the lost art”. The unseen, the unheard, the unfelt, the unspoken and untasted are still there waiting, hoping for a seeker who will find them and show them light, the purpose for which they exist. I fear that day may never come because we never try, we have taught our minds to be content with what it has, killing it in the process now it just lies dormant unthinking unknowing oblivious to its true purpose. Breaking the barrier of reason, that’s your true purpose.

Why do you think we feel safe under the sun, and feel scared in the night under the night sky? Why is it, that sun come only come during day and not at night? Ask your mind it knows, hone it, teach it to see beyond the lines and break barriers. Fear not it holds power, I know because I have done it. If you seek proof look long and deep into my words and you will see it the power it possess and until you unlock your power, you will call me crazy, rebel and the cultist ‘if only you knew!’.

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Ever felt like you don’t belong, if you have, you will understand just how painful it is not to belong anywhere. From birth till death there is something every man seeks, it’s a place to belong, some find it, some create it but you are never truly whole until you find where you belong. It’s then and only then will your best be seen, appreciated, accepted and loved by those who really matter. What’s your dream, what’s that heart desire that you want that looks so distant it seems impossible. I hold the answer you seek, I speak truth I do not say these words lightly, am a man who lives by words I live and survive by the pen, it’s my machete ever sharp, ever ready in the face of barriers it speaks volumes. In it lies the answer that answers all answer. What you seek is within, that’s the truth and that’s all you need to know. Unlock that mind now! , join my cult.

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I fell in love once, enjoyed every second, or at least I did before she left. Our love lasted seconds, true love never lasts for a cultist anyway, but we were perfect, she was the love of my dreams but she just couldn’t break that barrier. She just walked away content with the world as it is. I can’t remember a day or moment as painful as that exact moment, every pore on my skin felt the emptiness that comes from lost love from within, it was revealing ‘the price for cultism is great’.



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