Student Entrepreneur Of The Week; Exclusive Interview With Mr Raji Taiwo

Student Entrepreneur Of The Week; Exclusive Interview With Mr Raji Taiwo

Hello Readers,Meet Mr Raji Taiwo.He is a 300 level student of the Noble Faculty of Technology and Majors in Agricultural Engineering.He is a unique Fashion Designer who makes and customises any clothes you can think of.Vasiti had an exclusive interview with him.We want you to learn two or more things from him.You can feed your eyes below;



Can we meet you?

I Am Raji Taiwo Mubarak, a student of Agric Engineering 300L, UI.I am the CEO of Tim Clothing.


Walk me through the step-by-step process that you went through to get to where you are today.What was the first thing you did?


I started the clothing line after learning printing n designing in 2012. Started in Yaba College of Technology, Lagos state…when I was in the polytechnic


How do you combine business with study?


I must confess, it’s not easy…Studying Engineering and combining business with it a lot. I try to plan ahead, manage my time well, make use of my time wisely.

Some of his classy works


Was there any time you felt like giving up?

Yea, I have felt like that few times. But the passion kept me going… I love designing so it keeps me going.


Who are you looking up to in the clothing industry?

I look up to people like Buck Clothings(in Lagos) and Yomi Casuals.They are both big brand’s and are good in what they do

Another taste of it


What are the plans do you have for your business in future?

I really want to expand, cloth at least one or two persons in every family in Nigeria and hopefully expand beyond Nigeria.

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Sure you want to miss this?

If a person just starting out walked up to you asking for your piece of advice and you only had a few minutes to give them the best…what would it be?

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Be original, let your designs be unique, try to love the job.And above all be dedicated and determined to push your brand.


What do you think of


To be sincere, I haven’t heard about you guys before. But with the little I know, I think you guys are doing a great job



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