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Spoiler! 4 Healthy Ways You Need to Know To Gain Weight

Spoiler! 4 Healthy Ways You Need to Know To Gain Weight

You and I know that there is so much hype about being overweight, the risks associated with it and how to lose weight. I mean,  it is no news to you right?

We go on social media and all we see are skinny cute girls and we just want to be like them.

But wait, being like them could also mean being underweight which comes with serious consequences.

The consequences include being nutrient deficient, having an impaired immunity or probably reproductive issues especially for females and so on.

So now you are asking yourself, why doesn’t anyone talk about being underweight and how to gain weight seeing that a large percentage of students are underweight?

So because I choose to talk about it, here are few healthy tips on weight gain:

Have a regular food schedule and eat more frequently:

The more food you take, the more your body has to work with. It is recommended that you eat about six to seven smaller meals per day. Ensure that each meal is small enough to enable you to eat during your next meal time.

Eat nutrient-rich foods:

Foods with a high level of calories and proteins would definitely do the trick. They include nuts, fruits, eggs, red meat, peanut butter, potatoes, rice, avocados, healthy fats and oils, milk and so on.


I am sure you are like huh? Strengthening exercises can increase your muscle bulk thereby adding to your weight. It can also stimulate your appetite thus making you eat more.

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Watch when you drink:

You know this right? You know that drinking water before a meal gives you less appetite and so you end up eating a little amount of food. Try drinking after eating, it would help

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So firstly, your take-home message is to be patient.  You won’t gain weight overnight. Secondly, take in high-calorie foods and try to exercise so that additional calories would be used to build muscles instead of storing up as fat.

Oops, I did not mention how you get to know you are underweight.???? Well, I guess it’s a story for another day.


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