Truth be told I never really believed in giving respect where it isn’t earned. I thought it was a recipe for disrespect, because some forms of supposed respect is just pure foolishness to me. I was a teen and a skeptic back then, sure angst had much to do with it but it was plain logic to me back then.

How does one start to respect others? The feeling respect, is so constrain to ones thoughts that I couldn’t bring my mind to complete terms with it. The feeling of being inferior and complete obedience in form of respect, was to me a form of self-slavery.

Now I think I have an answer, the answer being that respect isn’t something that is meant to be understood, it just is.  Respect brings about order and discipline which is the bed rock of good morals in any society, though having respect can be misinterpreted and misunderstood many a times, it remains that the truth about respect isn’t rocket science and you don’t need to micro analyze every facet of it. The answer is just as simple as it is difficult, putting it in words I will say respect is edifying someone in your heart and mind because of something achieve or done.

Now let’s break it break it down, respect isn’t always obtained in the same way. What I mean is that respect can be shown in many ways, there is no defined method of respect. Let us consider the tale of solo and the bigger boy. Solo was made from bigger boy, so based on logic bigger boy should know all of solo while solo should know little about bigger boy. The reality is never as it seems, bigger boy may be tall as a giraffe firm as an ‘iroko’ tree and still not have the respect of solo but if bigger boy owns a car that solo craves then he will respect bigger boy for that achievement and not because he made him. As well it is also possible for the bigger boy to respect solo if solo is able to achieve something that big boy never could, an example is something we all are familiar to singing. If solo was made with a voice of gold that calms bigger boy demons, bigger boy will definitely respect him. So in the end is disrespect pride? Or is it just another form of emotion misunderstood.

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Many a people grow wings where there are no winds to fly, while few other walk where there is room to run. The fact that respect can open doors and take you places can’t be over emphasized. The fact that you must know when it is actually respect and not stupidity, is where the fine line must be drawn. I repeat respect is not humility and disrespect is not pride. They may look similar but they aren’t exactly the same a person may show respect and still be proud. Remember respect can be gold, but blind obedience is just plain stupidity.





Ismail Issa


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