An Untold Story:Snail Lover 3

An Untold Story:Snail Lover 3

The tide has already turned in Akila’s workplace;Not even a soldier ant bit her as a welcome tradition in the office.Everyone wants their big boss to stay happy without having to puncture her crazy attack whenever a person tries to be cute.Jack was silent too.Their unrelenting effort was only like Oceans being rolled into a sieve.Akila had other things torturing her mind beyond their imagination.Familiar shadows and foot steps had been creeping her out just of recent.The time she screamed out of the bathroom was when her curiosity level filled up.She began to search that scary shadow that checks up her official documents like a patient in and out.That search turned into waves over time;It showed itself up to Akila.


In The Cab


A hot smack landed on Sandy’s cheeks in a cab.It was Akila’s curiously bandaged hands.It was the very first time after sixteen years that Akila would ever let out her anger on real situations.She perceived the scent of her room from Sandy.It spitted out fire words from her.
‘Who the hell do you think you are?What sort of bitch ordered you to follow me around? Am I that helpless?’.

Akila’s words sent shivers down her spine.she could not say a word.It was Akila’s killer actions that forced begging words from her.Akila dragged her out from the cab and tortured her.Sandy kept hammering away pleading and guilty words.
‘it wasn’t me…it wasn’t me,Akila.Please…I will tell you everything’


At Bailey Street

In a twinkle of an eye,a voice whispered from behind.
‘I did it because I care about you’

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Before Akila could knew it,Sandy had disappeared from that spot.She fainted as her curiosity scale turned red.






Ajayi Mary


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