Do you know that your smart phone can save your life? Yes, it really can. Thanks to the new crop of doctor applications, you can literarily just take your smart phone and get in touch with a health professional anytime and from anywhere. This new innovative developments have according to studies reduced the mortality rate due to misinformation, lack of experienced or trained personnel.

The application of this new applications are numerous with basically all first aid techniques or processes can be accessed and used at any time. This new application can basically reduce the constant traffic of students to Jaja clinic to quell their concerns pertaining to their health has information concerning symptoms and cures to many sickness are already on hand on their phone, including prescription to drugs by qualified personnel.

A study done by Christina Farr on people with a health anxiety called hypochondriasis suggested that health anxiety (illness anxiety disorder) affects from less than 1 percent to as high as 12 percent of the population. The use of new array of telemedicine application MDlive and Doctor on Demand are very appealing to these patients as it removes the need of visiting the doctor’s office to quell their concerns. These new application provide all the information needed as well as insurances on consultation.

The telemedicine application are easy to use and with just about $40 to $50 you can have a short phone or video consultation with a trained personnel. MDlive’s chief medical affairs officer, Deborah Mulligan, says that the company’s application has 28 million registered users. This number shows the growing use of medical applications and the many opportunity that can be obtained from its growing success.

The credibility of many of these medical applications have been established by many success stories, by employing medical personnel with experience and qualification, a stead customer base has been built and is growing at an interesting rate, Doctor on Demand board member Bob Kocher said” Frankly, I think there are some of these patients in the health system who haven’t found us yet and I’m sure we’ll have board meetings someday about a patient who used us 20 times that week.” It is without doubt that a lot of money is generated through these interactions but the makers of the application make it their responsibility to help all their users and to investigate whether the problem was solved and handled well.

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The general need met by the medical application is the ability to provide medical help when and where needed, with personnel’s trained to recognize symptoms of various diseases, which include worrying about a disease when there is no symptoms many questions asked by users pertaining to their body can be answered. Kocher says that the majority of the people who use the Doctor on Demand application call about routine symptoms, like colds and flu. These shows that the makers of these application have an extensive data base on medicine ( Medscape has a growing database of over 7000 drug references, 3,500 disease clinical references, 2500 clinical images and procedure videos) and always have a ready answer for your questions.

In this information age it is vital to be in touch in every avenue provide the medical applications are one of those avenues. The medical application gives you access to a smart doctor which can help you maintain good health. You can download a medical application from play store or search online, here are some medical application and the testimonies of users;

  • MDlive
  • Doctor on Demand and
  • Teladoc
  • Medscape

Testimonies by Teladoc members

Joan Thomas “Best app ever… I recorded a consultation in 5 minutes! No driving to doctor’s office, waiting for an hour or more. This teledoc is a Godsend, he did consult, he was full of info I wasn’t aware of and as a stoke survivor I should’ve know, in less than 20 minutes, my antibiotic were phoned in to my pharmacy. I’m so grateful.”

Lee Dog “I had a great experience. I used the app to request a call back. The Dr. called me very quickly, diagnosed my situation, called in a prescription. Which I was able to pick up in no time. Thank you so much for an effective & painless experience.”



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