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SILENT RIPPLES – The Reality Of Finding Your True Self

SILENT RIPPLES – The Reality Of Finding Your True Self


‘Treasure your peace while it exists’ is a very common and generally accepted saying. The reason behind this saying stems from many point of view but just one common conclusion, peace doesn’t last forever and life continues to change.

Many have postulated various answers and theories to explain what few believe they understand as the secrets behind the unpredictability of life.


An unperturbed calm exists in a raging sea, it rolls of waves in momentary elegance but like the mirror screen of a still water, the truth of life can be seen through thinking eyes. Captivated by the breaking of the surface of still waters, I saw a truth that is silent, choice.

Free will is one of the greatest gift man has.  Born of the individuality of the mind, the ability to decide what we want. Choice is to the still water of life, a pebble.

As a pebble breaks the surface of a still water, ripples extrude. From the point of impact it keeps expanding affecting everything on its part.

Filled with stale breath, the responsibility of decision making cause unexpected ripples in the sea of life. An insult from you may cause a ripple on your friend or the responsibility you didn’t attend can cost you a promotion.

The fact that our decisions cause invisible ripples that affect us all, along our chartered course in the sea of life is an unknown secret to many.

Most live on the bases of what should be and what must be that they forget the consequences of doing it the same way, the studying of books overnight might work for your friend, but it may never work for you, no matter how much you push you won’t get the same expected outcome because the ripple never flows the same way twice.

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What the silent ripple reveals is the secret behind discovering your own being, noT you role model or your mentor, not even your dream self. It all about being who you truly are, no shades, no fantasy.

It’s in literal terms screaming everything differs from person to person, even when you don’t see it.

Let’s be original, it’s most beautiful when everyone has a different colour.


Ismail Issa


Lover of Books, Writer, Digital Marketer and Tech gadget freak. My philosophy is simple "Plan, Pray and Be Patient".