I was as innocent as they could get. Raised from a diligent Christian home, out of secondary school at the age of 16 and into the prestigious premier university at the age of 17. I was my parents dream child, I was diligent, listened to instructions and obey without questions. My parents thought me what life expected from me and shielded me from the horrors of it, but like everything else in this world, dream world never last forever. My story all started with the death of my dad, the day my dream world ended and I first felt what true loss was.

Ignorance is said at times to be bliss, now that I think back it’s was my ignorance that destroyed me. Fresh from secondary school with no idea of what to do with my newly gain freedom, I tried to stick to my father’s legacy, it was then I began to notice some things my father said were never true. Like not all mangoes where green and yellow there were red mangoes and not all people were pure of heart many are vipers but there was one thing my father always told me to cherish and that was love. So in my innocent little mind I sought a person who would love me as my father did.

My father’s loss was still fresh in my heart when I met Dionysus, he exposed me to so many things that felt foreign. He showed me how to keep my liquor down and how to have a good time, it was all like a dream because he made me forget my father, and deep down in the bottom of each bottle I knew no pain but the sting of air in my eyes as I soared through uncharted skies.

I thought I had found love, that finally my bitterness was over, little did I know that the path I ignorantly choose would be my destruction. Dionysus showed me the beauty of sex, he took my virginity or truthfully said I gave him because I loved him. He gave me my first orgasm and showed me how to perform a devouring blow job, he was my love and I everything we did together because I knew nothing else I thought it was all normal and truth be said I enjoyed most of it.

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Everything came crumbling down when I got syphilis, I was in so much pain that I didn’t recognize so I visited my doctor. It was while we spoke that I realized just how damning the life I lived was, he showed me another kind of truth that was difficult to believe. When I couldn’t have sex or party with him because of my infection, Dionysus finally showed his true colors. He left, he just left me just like that. I called, I texted but he didn’t pick-up not for once. It was then my eyes finally opened like a giant wool had been pluck from my eyes. I now saw him for what he was, an asshole and a user but it was took late he had plunged his fingers deep into my heart leaving clawed marks on the surface of my innocence.

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He never love me that was clear now, he just made use of my body and when I held no more mystery he discarded me. I could find no one to blame but myself, the truth being who I am and what I experienced was because I didn’t know the bitter truth about the life I lived in. my father was scared of what it my do to his innocent little princess, so he hid the truth keeping me a glass house, the problem was that when the glass house feel and broke my ignorance didn’t do I fell into the broken shards scaring my soul in the process.

My story may seem normal but if you knew how it feels to have your dream world fall straight down you would understand the depth of my wails. The dangers are still very much everywhere, don’t get caught napping know something about everything, lest you be the next person counting his scars while narrating  story that has forever change his life.

Ismail Issa


Lover of Books, Writer, Digital Marketer and Tech gadget freak. My philosophy is simple "Plan, Pray and Be Patient".