The Saudi Arabian decides to boycott Pizza Hut over Twitter Advert

The Saudi Arabian decides to boycott Pizza Hut over Twitter Advert

Pizza Hut in Saudi Arabia has been forced to apologise after the restaurant’s official Twitter account published an advertisement which seems to mock people with a speech impediment on International Stammering Awareness Day.
The advert began with the hashtag #Global_Day_of_Stammering and introduced an offer for pizza but punctuated the follow-up message with repeated letters and syllables to mimic a stammer.
Arab social media users expressed their outrage on Twitter at the restaurant chain by using the Arabic language hashtag #I_am_boycotting_Pizza_Hut which has been used more than 48,000 times this Sunday.

However,some set of people did not support a boycott and instead called for Pizza Hut to apologise and try to support those who suffer from stammering.

While another person tweeted about what standards many people believed in “We get upset over a satirical ad when we’re a satirical society which makes fun of everything. We live on making fun of people and then ask brands and companies to promote their products with morality……….

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