It is undisputed that time flows and it’s so obvious that it never stops. I have always thought of how it will feel like if time were to stop, unfortunately it’s a feeling that has quite eluded me but I kind of put a rigid imagination to the thought. Time feels like snow melting at times you feel like its melting fast and then other moments it just feels like a trickle, so slow you feel a sense of déjà vu.


The notion of time like sand is based mainly on the fact that like sand time is considered limitless. It’s fruitless or better said useless to try and measure the extent of time. There is no conceivable number to measure its scope because like sand its unknown where it ends. It is said to have an unforeseeable beginning and an unknown end.

As seconds tick by, grains of sands fall from the hour glass of time eternal. The grains continue to fall with nothing but gravity and a sense of direction, it’s an unending cycle of ever moving copiousness. Time makes little notice of those who make an enemy of him, like a god who takes no notice of a bug. Any enemy of time always loses, in the end it’s like fighting an enemy you can’t grip, its unstoppable. Those who make friends with time hoping to live at its pace ultimately gets left behind because their time like other things always runs out.


The end of time, some scientist will say exist beyond infinity, that particular point that man beliefs to be beyond their reach. So it begs to question why we as humans still try to understand how the concept of time works or better still control it. Known or unknown whoever you are, you are very much in one way or the other constrained to the laws of time. Willing or unwilling you think it, live it and abide by it.

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The concept of lost time was one of the first thing a man gets to understand. The fact that our mind even our subconscious detects the passage of time shows in a very twisted way that time may have existed before the birth of the universe. Imagine if you are to explain how far a star is, you quantify it by the amount of assumed time it will take to get there, so we presume its light years away. As with distance so many other things are controlled and constrained by this omnipotent force called time.

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Time as I will so calmly say is your strongest ally and greatest enemy because until its proven otherwise time is always constant. Its sure that we will keep moving until our body give up or time stops which is very much an impossibility, it is not sin to imagine a world where there is a pause button to stop the trend of life. The fact remains that we can’t stop moving because time doesn’t, we can still bank on little act of impossibility of trying to knowing the number of sand grains on earth even though we might all run mad doing it, but trying to quantify what has was been, what is now, and what will continue to be is just plain foolish because you will realize like I did, that after everything all you discover was the foolishness of trying in the first place.

Mystery in a way is beautiful because it in a threatening way reveals our limitations. Time is one of the greatest mystery of life. Even in religion there is no definite text to explain how time came to be, so where then is the beginning of time? I will say I have no answer, but you can try your luck searching. Let may just end this by saying may you way be rougher.

Ismail Issa


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