The Parents of The Late 100l Oau Undergraduate Debunks The Suicide Saga

The Parents of The Late 100l Oau Undergraduate Debunks The Suicide Saga

The relatives of late 100 level female student of Obafemi Awolowo University, Mercy Afolaranmi, requested that the Osun state police command to properly investigate the death of their daughter and sister.

The deceased was reportedly dead on Thursday, October 26 after drinking black rat poison and black substance in her room.It was underscored that she took her life over poor grades.In the same breath,it was stated that the late Mercy’s mother, Elizabeth Afolaranmi disclosed that her daughter had called her earlier that week that she would be returning home for a seminar in Ado Ekiti.

Her mother added that she called her again if she was on her way but to her biggest surprise,her roommate picked the call and gave a strange answer.The latter said that Her daughter had slept off,poisoned herself and locked herself in the room.The deceased was rushed to Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching hospital (OAU) but was rejected because it was too late.Also, the deceased’s father Matthew Afolaranmi disclosed that his daughter was a Christian who was taught the ways of the Lord and knew that killing herself would take her to hell.


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