Oau Versus Ui:Which One Do You Consider The Best?

Hello Everyone,here’s a maiden edition of ‘campus conflict’ brought to you by Vasiti.Meet Sandy and Boniface,they are the imaginary cats of Obafemi Awolowo University and University of Ibadan respectively.The duo would be engaging in a fierce battle of words on their various campuses.Two giants are about to lock horns,do you think ‘fierce’ sells it?.It is going to cause a bloody nuisance in your hearts of hearts.Take a chill pill,chin up then down and see below….



Sandy baby¦How far Na?How school?



School sweet like bitter leaf



Bitter leaf?



Did that bitter leaf purchased your sense that cheaply? You don’t know that the end result of bitter leaf is sweetness….Ui never thought you that …..

One of the Beautiful Sceneries In UI


See your life.. ..We told you to come to an institution where Good Character will constitute your CGPA but you turned deaf ears.Bitter leaf or no bitter leaf.how is that connected with someone’s sense? I am an Average Uite…I don’t talk anyhow


Ehnnn..Bonefish or whatever your name is.. Don’t bring that one here o ….is that the reason why your VC always knocks you out like a ram in your protests? Character you say? …. We remain the only school in Nigeria where no one can intimidate us…Bring Suspension letter¦Aluta will always be a die-hard game in OAU….We no dey carry last…No one can put rope in our mouth and be dragging us away like sack.


There is more to life than Aluta…I don’t think you have heard about the great Indy and Zik hall in my school….boys wey dey the halls get craze small. …We have wings too o…it is just that we don’t fly anyhow


Shoro niyen…Your mates in Literature department are thinking of how First class will fly to them….you are thinking on how your wings will intimidate people….The enemy that is doing you is on first class level..



Why are you worried about me?We no dey carry last in Ui especially in Faculty of Art.it is in us..Think about yourself.Femi Osofisan (Novelist)
– Wole Soyinka (Poet)
– Chinua Achebe (Novelist)
– Niyi Osundare (Novelist)
– Afeez Oyetoro (Actor)
– Christopher Okigbo (Artist)
– Nikki Laoye (Artiste, Singer, Song writer)
– Eyitayo Lambo (Former Minister of Health)
– Funmi Iyanda (Broadcaster and TV Anchor of the defunct New Dawn)
– Amaka Igwe (Movie producer, Director)
– Adebayo Faleti (Vintage Actor)
– Beautiful Nubia (Artiste)
– Eniola Badmus (Actress)
– Grace Alele Williams (1st Female Nigerian VC)
– Bimbo Akintola (Actress)
– Gabriel Afolayan (Actor)
– Ayo Adesanya (Actress)
Tongue out…..what is that your department o? Medicine?You had better come to Ui and better your life.


Ehn.….Boniface? I can’t find your name there Na.You think your empty brain and those names will fetch you a job….You are no match to us.Thatcher Therapy.Fire to fire…We compete among the best of best.Some people do drop out because of the academic stress.Everyone is loaded with brilliant smokes
Femi Falana
Pastor Enoch Adeboye
Dele Momodu
Osonye Tess
Fidelis Oyaikhilome
Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola
Tongue out.. .


Whatever….Ko easy….cassette record speaks for itself…just accept it as it is …you can’t compare sleep with death.You guys are just bunch of noisemakers trying to gain attention and dwelling on past history ..


Bonefish…. I will still punch your face last last..is it because I didn’t show you our clean sheets…..Your buildings cannot even be on Scale 5 compared to us…is it OAU Faculty of Law,Technology or Pharmacy?


People no dey chop beautiful buildings and sceneries no matter how enticing they areâ.All those things are not languages of productivity and creativity….I will agree with you if I can use one of those buildings to fetch money in First bank..


I cannot accept all this shit lailai….They didn’t teach me like that…We are the king…


Kinging my foot?˜‚Have you seen your last semester result?



Boniface (laughing out loud)

You should see it on your graduation day.kinging indeed?


Is your place any way better? Every cats will see your life in the ceremony party….Book of life or whatever you call it? where did you hide your character whenever you guys see it? is that one not sophisticated stealing?


I will punch someone today o

Lol. .The curtain is drawn…i hope we get the points…We don’t deceive our treasures even if they do.

Conflict is the gadfly of thought. It stirs us to observation and memory. It instigates to invention. It shocks us out of sheeplike passivity, and sets us at noting and contriving-
John Dewey

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I am cool,calm and collected.What brings me out of that shell of calmness is writing because I believe that the greatest thing that really turn the world around is hidden around one's pen.

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