OAU V UNILAG: Who Has The Smartest Set Of Students In Engineering And Law?

OAU V UNILAG: Who Has The Smartest Set Of Students In Engineering And Law?



Kadiri Ayodele,2016 Best Graduating Student at Nigerian Law School (Unilag Student)

Law and Engineering courses are somewhat sophisticated and tricky that it is not easy to determine the best of the best students,this is because they do a lot of practicals and reading,you don’t want your course mates to start having fire thoughts of how you got admission to Unilag or Oau/Law or Engineering.

Ademola Oridate(OAU Best Graduating Student 2012/2013,Mech.Engineering)


Students in the two faculties have the reputation of always giving it the best shot even when some set of students emerges with a first class as a physical proof of their secret toil on the road of excellence.The same theory applies to Universities like Unilag and Oau,they are both great Universities and breeds outstanding graduates in Engineering and Law based on their achievements.


I am quite sure that if any Unilag Law or Engineering Student takes the floor today because he won any competition against Oau,OAU Students would sneeze at him or even shrug off,you know why? Unilag might have little or no chance tomorrow in the  competition,both schools roll like that…it is not pride….According to the analysis of the performance in August 2017 bar final examination results,Six Students emerged with First Class Honours from Unilag and just three from OAU.

Unilag Undergraduates Engineering Students’ Zero Emission Car(2015


Segun Oyeyiola,OAU Engineering Student that turned a Volkswagen Beetle into wind and solar powered car in 2014

Is it the Zero Emission car that was built by a group of Engineering Undergraduates in Unilag in 2015 that would be left out of the clash? or the annual IEEE Tech exhibition where Oau Students and Tech groups showcases their projects and inventions that should be punched at the face like a village thug?it depends on one’s definition of smartness and creativity but whatever tune it plays,even students in this institutions cannot deny such  bounty fact.

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Karen (Unilag)

Karen From Unilag; ‘OAU And Unilag Students are of course a match in Engineering and Law.Oau Students are quite good especially in Engineering’.


The thing is despite the fact that they share the same affinities in the area of Engineering and Law,a thin line makes them unique.Unilag draws that line…I must admit the fact that Unilag Students or graduates are more exposed and well-informed than their counterparts maybe because they are in Lagos or ………let’s keep it till another good day… A Student of Unilag attested to that fact anyway and I agree with it ….one cannot deny the obvious.I asked if he had to recommend a school to his friend for Engineering or Law,Which one would he prefer?.He gave a very sensitive answer.


‘I prefer Unilag because it gives more exposure’.



Creator of Humane devices to help the impaired interacts with smartphones(They are all Oau Students who represented Nigeria in the world finals imagine cup 2016



Onoriode Aziza who bagged First Class in Oau,Nigerian LAW school and Cambridge University

So guys,no matter what the criteria of smartness is….Achieving Excellence would always be an A-lister…Line or no line,students from both Schools are known to always wow their interviewers in the Labour market.

Versatile and budding Barristers (Cross section of some Oau Faculty of Law Students during costume week on February 2017)


Right(Miss Oyindamola Omotuyi,Bagged a first class degree in System Engineering 2017,Agbami Scholarship Beneficiary)(Unilag)
Ajayi Mary


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