OAU Authorities Reacts To Murder On University Campus

OAU Authorities Reacts To Murder On University Campus

The authorities of Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife confirmed a man, Adewumi Omoboriowo, was stabbed on the school’s campus at the New Bukka (an area on the campus that comprises bars and restaurants which serves Various customers that are not necessarily OAU Students) late on Thursday after a fierce fight.The Chief Security Officer,Mr Oyasode said that the deceased was a child of the Junior staff of the school and that all efforts to save his life proved abortive since he had already given up the ghost before his body was discovered.

He added that the incident was not as a result of a cult attack since report have it that a jack spanner was used against the deceased in the course of the heated fighting.The Security Team Reacted aggressively to the incident since over 45 people including Students were arrested, most of the students were deemed not guilty and released except those who have questions to answer. Currently, the operators of New Bukka have been ordered to vacate the facility.


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