Nigerian Youths Campaign to End Police Brutality #ENDSARS

Nigerian Youths Campaign to End Police Brutality #ENDSARS

Nigerian Youths Petition To Dissolve Special Anti-Robbery Squad

To whom much is given, much is expected. Unfortunately, living in Nigeria, that aphorism doesn’t seem to hold water. People who have sworn the oath  of protecting and serving their citizens have been the ones causing it a lot of harm.

An ironic trending topic of Police brutality against young men is swarming the timelines of social media as people share the stories of how they have been harassed and maltreated by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad aka SARS. The harassment or assault has either been because of the manner in which they dress, the type of cars they drive or the fact they possess smart devices such as laptops, iPads, etc.

Using the hashtag #EndSARS, some Nigerians have been calling on the Federal  Government to scrap the special  police unit.

A petition on dissolving SARS has already been addressed to the national assembly.
Published by ‘Segun Awosanya, the petition has been signed by 10,195 people at the moment.

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar took to Twitter a few hours ago to lend his voice on the matter. In his tweet, he encourages the youth on their peaceful protests and urges the Nigerian Police to look into the complaints instead of harassing the youth.


While the result of the petition is still pending, Nigerian youths continue to share the experiences that they have encountered with SARS. Here are some of the top tweets.

Do you have any experience with the Nigerian special task force you would like to share? Go ahead and share your comments on the section below. You can also tweet at us @vasitidotcom to keep the conversation going

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