What You Need To Know About WHO Recruitment For 2017

What You Need To Know About WHO Recruitment For 2017

This article will give you an insight into how you can become a part of WHO team in a bid to provide a better future for people all over the world. The WHO has offices in 150 countries and their employees provide health assistance to different nations. Read this article if you wish to be part of the team.

Who does the World Health Organization need?

The administration of the WHO prides herself on hardworking and creative people who want to work in the health sector and different regions of the world.

There are several categories of WHO jobs:

°Professionals/directors selected on a competitive basis and must be grounded in technical knowledge in order to take a managerial position. Representatives of this category should also be mobile.

°General group/professional staff are usually recruited regionally for temporary or permanent task. The main task of these employees is to carry out duties in their region and solve current administrative issues.
°Trainees and junior specialists. They take part in the internship programme of the WHO and must have a good background in education , management, health and administration.

WHO recruitment 2017: restrictions

The Prospective Candidates have every chance of getting one of WHO jobs in Nigeria if they do not fall under one of these restricted categories:

The presence of one’s member of family can become an obstacle in passing the competitive selection especially when one’s relative is a WHO employee unless the organisation cannot find a person with similar experience.One must be over 20 years old but not up to 62.One must not be a smoker.This is because the WHO philosophy is aimed at preventing the environment from tobacco smoke.

Required qualifications

If you want to occupy one of the professional positions, it is important to have the following advantages:

A graduate degree in management or health and experience at the international or national level in one’s sphere.Good background in political issues, analytical skills and public health.Excellent knowledge of English and other additional language.One need to be a good team player and possess effective communication skills.


Salaries for professional and managerial positions comprises two elements: a fixed sum and an additional part which vary depending on your place of service. The second part is an allowance depending on the cost of living in your country. It is also affected by the exchange rate and level of inflation in Nigeria.

Application process

WHO is looking for employees for long-term work, so it reflects on the candidates carefully. The process of hiring can be prolonged for several months and consists of a series of successive steps (interviews and written tests).

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First, you need to create an account. After that, you will be able to apply for the job you desire;

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Visit the website www.who.int/careers.Open the page with the current vacancies for external candidates.At the top of the page is the login button. Click it.On the login page, create a new user profile.Agree to the confidentiality agreement.Type in your name, password and email.That is all you need to register.

After creating a personal account, go to the vacancies and log in. Find the option you are interested in and select it.

For employers to learn more about you, add personal information, preferences and a cover letter. External candidates may use an electronic signature.

Your main profile will reflect all the changes that you enter into the profiles for different positions; when you want to apply for a position, you should first fill out a general profile.

The information you provided on previously submitted applications will not change if you make any adjustments in your profile when preparing a new application.

You can change the information in the posted proposal as often as you need to until the vacancy closes.

The official website of the WHO is user-friendly to help make the process easier. If you want to find a suitable job, simply use search filters. To do this, type your location or keywords so you will quickly find the right options.

On the left side of the page, you can set markers next to the appropriate categories. You can also arrange the results in a convenient sequence. Use the options below the search panel. To return to the results later, you can simply save your search. Click on the items you are interested in to get full information about them.

To start applying, click “Apply online.” If you have not already logged in to your account, you will be asked to do so. Before you send an application, make sure you carefully review the information on your profile.

In order for the process to go successfully, it is advisable to not use the “Forward” and “Back” buttons. In the event of difficulties, you can contact WHO officials for help by sending a mail to globalservicedesk@who.int. They will help you process your application like a pro.

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