It felt so silent within, I could hear nothing but I was screaming, it was as if there was no voice or that my ears refuse to listen. Have you heard the wails? The unimaginable pain, a child of prices paid in blood. Have you heard the wails? The cries of my demons, they seek my sanity. I heard the cries of their anger, can you hear it? I can’t unheard it. It was beyond me, its destructive power was too much I was blinded. I can’t feel myself all I feel is pain, I have lost focus and can’t think its too much, sinking me beyond this world.

It was the first time I felt their wrought, at that moment I realize with a bitter tang the difference in power and was genuinely humbled. I looked above and saw a cloud of sadness, can you taste its bitterness and feel it sting? It makes my skin boil, this is pain inflicted by a heart without conscience, and I keep asking the unanswered question of what crime I committed to find myself in this situation, I think am running mad.

I stared into the deep black eyes looking at me through the mirrors, but I didn’t recognize it was me. I realized why I felt so empty, all good was gone from my heart, so much hate, so much anguish, so much hopelessness and it was all in me. I can feel time slipping as I begin to lose perspective, as slowly everything becomes formless.

My ears are ringing again, I must have fallen and stood again searching for where it all began putting a foot in front of another, a step after another moving searching blindly towards where I tasted my last peace. The journey seems unending, I am tired, I feel it my body is giving up.

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Finally I enter a battle I can’t finish, it was just too much, it was literarily impossible to win. I am a man at this moment with a lost hope, one last try maybe, one last attempt to find hidden secret within my heart, and the hidden secret that started it all maybe just maybe it could save my soul.

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I search tireless for what seemed like days but then I arrive at a crossroad it seems like I arrived finally at center. I lifted my head and there before me was a tiny ball of light guarded by ten fearless (faceless) demons. I stepped closer caring not for my safety or the presence of the demons, just to peer into that little ball of light. I looked closer the light was love, an incomparable love. A love that is said to be unquenchable and no matter how much the demons tried it didn’t even flicker. They tried shielding its light and it burnt them, searing their skin, leaving scars to remember.

This is my lamentation, this is my cry; here lies before me the greatest battle I ever fought, the battle to free love. This is the questions on my lips; will I survive, will I succeed, it’s so impossible but now I can see hope, there’s faith for a better tomorrow. I have a good feeling, victory shall smile on me.




Ismail Issa


Lover of Books, Writer, Digital Marketer and Tech gadget freak. My philosophy is simple "Plan, Pray and Be Patient".