The Morning will always come

The Morning will always come

Grab a mirror and go on a journey with me. Remember that test you had and you failed it. Remember that clenching in your chest when you know you hadn’t fully prepared for it. Remember that dicey situation you found yourself in that you didn’t know how to get out of.

Now look at the mirror, you pulled through. You have always pulled through. You could do it then, you can do it now, and you will continue the race until your last breath.

You have made it this far and you still have more distance to cover. This situation is not your end game, it will not conquer you. You will rise above it. So get up, stay up and keep moving.

Nothing is going to stop the sun from shining every morning, no matter how long the night is. You are the sun, own you shine.

Get motivated!

Ismail Issa


Lover of Books, Writer, Digital Marketer and Tech gadget freak. My philosophy is simple "Plan, Pray and Be Patient".