Eyes closed, lips shut and with a calm mind I held my breath as my soul listened to the very tune and beats produced so flawlessly through my headphone. When I finally open my eyes I had lost all sense of time it felt like I had existed in an eternity, I looked deep and hard searching for meaning in a daze, everything just looked like beautifully color strings of light unending seeming to end in eternity. I could see it flow, moving with an elegance that is unheard of, like a dancing angel it flowed in perfect unison, I stared with eyes unbelieving but I could not deny its beauty, it exists outside this world. A second became a minute then an hour but it just kept ticking and it just would not stop, it was like time did not understand what I was feeling, all I wanted was right before me I was content, it was an absolute beauty a perfection to look within for the bliss of an eternity.


She looked at me and didn’t understand, she looked but didn’t hear what was being sung. I felt sad at that moment that she didn’t feel what I felt but that thought didn’t last the second, I was in a world of my own, feeling an ecstasy like no other, should you fall under its spell you would be lost. No one has ever resisted its call, its melodies greater than a sirens because it not only gives your innermost desires it also satisfies any and every future desires. I speak of a type music unheard by any but you. I looked deep within her eyes and recognized the words in her mind and felt the thoughts on her lips, they all said one undeniable truth I was mad. Yes, it’s  actually true I am mad to the world around me, the moment you are lost to reality and you get sucked into the vortex of music you literally run mad because your reality changes focus at that very moment you see the madness in my music.

I danced to its tune, flowed with its beats and listened to its lyrics as it rented and transfixed my soul. My body moved of their own accord each muscle falling to spell of its tunes, it breathed a new kind of melody so ancient it was as if it never existed, this became the mad dance to a mad music, danced only by an enchanted soul and a wanting heart. I beheld this forbidden art and realized that without knowing we had gazed into the culture and way of life of the gods.

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The unheard sounds came through, and each melodic line existed of itself, it stood out clearly from all the rest, saying its piece as we waited patiently for the other voices to speak. That night I found myself hearing not only in time, but in space as well. I not only entered the music but descended, like Dante, into its depths. And beneath the swiftness of the hot tempo there was a slower tempo and a cave and I entered it and looked around and heard her singing a spiritual melody, and beneath that lay a still lower level on which I saw her beauty, the color of ivory pleading in a voice like my savior’s as he hanged on the cross pleading for the souls of those who crucified him and below that I found a lower level and a more rapid tempo and I heard someone shout ‘the blackness is most black at the very beginning of the very next tune, blended within it the melodies hides. (The invincible man; Ralph Ellison)

Here in the depths of music exist my madness, there in the tune flowing with the rhythm is my sanity and in the melody lives the forbidden dance. In the screams and whisper of the lyrics lies the forbidden apple, in the waves of the beats flowing into my being lies the rays exciting all my cells. I am at these moment in the land of music where madness is an everyday thing, where I exist a god glowing from within. If you seek this world look beyond the North Star you will see its light, but worry not it’s not that far it’s just a whisper and heartbeat away.




Ismail Issa


Lover of Books, Writer, Digital Marketer and Tech gadget freak. My philosophy is simple "Plan, Pray and Be Patient".