For the ones lost to the flow of time.

He felt it rather than see it flow, it was stupid to quest after eternity but his heart felt it was worth it even though it was hopeless defying time. He thought with certainty that when his time stops, he will feel so much pain that will shatter his thoughts. He stare unbelieving as he felt his final breath escape his lips ultimately lost to the flow of time. That very moment as he closed his eyes he felt the weight of the world closing in on him, he saw as the sky drew closer and as the earth rose up to accept him into its cold embrace. There and then he realized that he still had an endless world to rediscover and as the sky came falling down for him he knew that there was nothing he wouldn’t do to live again.

He stared time in the eye unwilling to let go of his last moment, the moment he knew his time was up. His time refused to tick, stuck at that exact time of revelation. He wished he had clairvoyance, a precognition of what this moment held, he realized a moment too late that he left nothing behind. He wished he could live all over again, to live a day at a time, to have touched hearts to prove that he existed, to live and love giving his all knowing that his best brought someone some happiness. He wanted to leave this world without a regret believing that he ran his world and at the end he left his foot print in the sands of time.

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Ismail Issa


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