Legion of Shadows

Legion of Shadows

I saw heads in a sea of shadows and they all seemed to have trails of black emanating from me. They seemed to have no end reaching as far as my eyes could see, I felt their eyes stare back at me like they knew who I could become. I stood bewildered at the sight of this unusual encounter looking for sanctuary in reality. I heard voices but could hear no words, I heard wails of warning but I saw no dangers.

They trailed after me, stretching hands trying to reveal to me what they had uncovered. The tried to whisper to me the glory which was to come and the apocalypse that was inevitable. They were my conscience, my darkness, my potentials, my gift, my failures, my success and my truth. They are a part of me born of time, a consequence of choices made and decisions discarded. They represent what I could be and what I am and the hope of what I could become.

Malleable, what my legions become is who I can be. Invincible in the dark and hidden by sunlight, my shadows are never far, lurking in the next darkness they are bound to my soul. Beautiful and ugly they are the faces I wear, giants and dwarfs they reveal my strengths and weakness. Stretching beyond the edge of my reason they are my link to the forbidden.

Comforter in my times of despair, voice of reason in episodes of foolishness and companion in the loneliest of place. My legion is always there hidden in darkness, always whispering, always warning, always listening and always searching. Searching for the part to inner peace and the secret of their existence.

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We all have shadows, but many ignore the reflection they see in it thinking it’s just dark and ugly but the truth is that the shadows that envelop us show use more you could ever imagine. Try and watch, try and listen you will see a little of what you are, and a little of what you could become. Even hidden in the darkness our shadows see more than us who dwell in the light.



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