I am a fan of this Tv series, SKINNY GIRL IN TRANSIT. There was this episode where the major character Tiwa had a one night stand. She is normally this morally upright kind of girl, so this came as a shock to me and I wondered why she would do such. But then i realized that we all come to this point in life when we question our morals, when we are like , where has this good girl/boy thing brought me? And stuff like that. Maybe not all of us though but I guess most of us.

There is this point in life when we just decide to do something outside our normal moral zone. We know its wrong, We know it probably wouldn’t lead anywhere, we know we would even regret it but we just decide to go on, like who cares, let me just have fun while it lasts.

I guess that’s exactly what happened to Tiwa and I had my own experience just a few weeks ago, although mine wasn’t a one night stand but was something I know was wrong according to my moral dictionary. My good girl senses was telling me to flee from temptation but my other senses, the one trying to break from my moral zone, is like babe just free yourself have fun while it lasts but as expected  I ignored the voice of reasoning.

Now to the question of did I regret it, i obviously did, I regret every single minute, quite alright it was fun while it lasted but my conscience thinks otherwise and has been hurting me ever since.

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But one thing i have realized is sometimes we have to experience for ourselves to know somethings are really not worth it but sometimes such experiences could Mar you and you would end up full of regrets, so trying to experience it all is really not the best.


Ismail Issa


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