How Wants to Change the Lives of the Student Community

How Wants to Change the Lives of the Student Community

Describing as just “another” marketplace or e-commerce website is totally WRONG!! is much more than a marketplace where people just come to buy or sell stuff. In as much as there is nothing wrong with being a regular marketplace, we pride ourselves in being more than that and we have created a niche in the student community,

It’d be easier to describe the idea behind with a few examples; Do you remember being broke on campus with so many of your stuff to sell but nowhere to sell it off easily?

Do you recall how you were unable to slay for your faculty dinner because you couldn’t discover the right fashion designer around campus and so you had to depend on the referral you got?

Remember how sad you were when you found out Wizkid was on campus but you didn’t even know about the show? These are some of the problems faced by thousands of students daily but as they say “To every problem, there’s a solution” and in this case is the solution. is a one-stop platform that helps members of the student community easily find and conveniently get connected to everything they need around their campus including buyers for anything they want to sell, sellers for goods they want to buy, customers for their services, service vendors or service providers for any kind of service they need and relevant information in real time. We are structured as a marketplace with an online magazine for the student community.

The marketplace is used for buying/selling of goods, advertising of services by student entrepreneurs and SMEs and discovering of vendors for any kind of service needed by users. The online magazine makes available relevant news, information and entertainment including latest campus events and happenings, scholarship and internship opportunities, trending social and political matters and other entertaining articles.

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Vasiti wants to improve the lives of members of the student community. When we officially launch Vasiti 2.0, we want to be the plug that connects students and other members of the student community to everything they need around their campus.  People no longer have to start asking around, posting paper ads around campus or worry about the best and most convenient way to buy/sell goods, advertise their businesses or discover services they need around campus, makes all this possible. Our mission is to help members of the student community save time, money and stress by helping them easily find and get connected to buyers or sellers of goods and services around their campus.

To find out more about, check out our  About us page.



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