#MondayMotivation: How to find your missing path to success

#MondayMotivation: How to find your missing path to success

Around here we don’t look back very long, we watch our steps from behind and go ahead to open new doors.

Off we go, off we go like the beats of a soldier’s drum.

Let’s endure, fight cheerfully and do our utmost as if the issue of the whole struggle depends on us alone.

It is only a man who parts from his comfort zone that can find a path to success.

Down this path, he can only move forward if he hits himself harder with curiosity and choices.

The moment when your heart clamours for desperate answers is when the real battle begins.

Of course, I found the path but how am I really going to achieve this?

I want this….I want that….Do you really find yourself in this dilemma even when you are very sure you are there but something keeps hammering away to your heart how wrong you really are?

My friend, You are on the lane but you are still missing.The best way you can find yourself is very simple.

  • Take a deep breath
  • Mutter the words below
  • I have arrived
  • because this path is customised for me
  • I won’t let myself down
  • DDI am going to be the kingpin



Ajayi Mary


I am cool,calm and collected. What brings me out of my shell is writing, because I believe that apart from your tongue,your greatest power to move your world permeates around the petite thing called pen.

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