Girls 101- 10 Things You Need To Know About Women.

Girls 101- 10 Things You Need To Know About Women.


What Girls Want In Relationships.

Hello readers, MaryJane here. Since we’ve sort of been on a dry spell with incoming relationships problems, today will be a little bit different. Most of the time a lot of people claim not to understand women and what they want. Today, I’m going to share an Aunt Agony original article; What girls want when in a relationship. Let me enlighten you shall I?

First of all, girls want to:


Listen! Listen!! Listen!!! Listen!!!! Pay close attention. But it is quite difficult. With women, it’s not much the spoken as to the unspoken. It’s all in the mannerisms. The ways their eyes slit or narrows, the falling and rising intonation of their voices, the way their lips purse and their nose flares or when they’re are unto you, the way they cross their arms. If you want to get your women, you need to know how her body speaks, and I’m not talking sex.


2. Woman want your attention, one way or the other

Women are very complicated and yet, so very simple. While a lot depends on the type of girl, majority of women love attention. And it’s not only the kind I talked about above. You’re gonna have to make her feel as she felt when you were first chasing her. Call her, text her, lightly tease her, compliment her, challenge her (in a non-macho way, unless she’s into that kind of stuff then challenge away) Needless to say, the chase should never really stop.


3. They want to be told they’re beautiful

A lot of girls struggle with this need to look perfect and meet societal standards of beauty. The eyelashes, waist trainers, silky smooth expensive hair, slimming teas etc are all evidence of this self consciousness. And with all the effort that she makes in trying to look good, the very least you can do is to make sure she knows she’s beautiful, with or without any of it. Because hearing that, especially from the right person can really make a girl’s day.


4. They want their enemies to be your enemies too.

If your girl don’t like that babe, please do yourself a favor and don’t talk to that babe.(PS. I’m using babe, but I have another word in mind, and it starts with b and rhymes with stitch). It might be petty and unreasonable, but it shows that you’re supportive even when she’d being crazy ( FYI, don’t ever call her crazy… to her face) It’s absurd, but it is what it is.


5. Girls want to know you’re not ashamed to talk about them with your friends.

Your girl just wants to know that you’re proud to show her off to your friends. Whether it’s as simple as a common introduction as your girlfriend or posting pictures of her on your social media. She needs that certainty. It’s important for her to know your friends like her even, so she can appeal to their sensitivities when she thinks you’re cheating. Although, this almost doesn’t ever work, because let’s face it… Some men are scum and they have scummy friends too.


6. They want some good loving.

Now, here I’m going to address the two halves of the population because while writing a relationship article there should be no bias whatsoever. So if you’re reading this and you and your girlfriend are having sex, just make sure she’s enjoying it as much as you are. And to the second half who believe in abstinence, there are a lot of other non-sexual creative ways to get intimate. Just make sure you both are alright with it.

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7. They want your honest opinion… The least.

Well like it or not, not every girl wants to hear the truth about things. They definitely don’t want to hear they’re fat in those jeans(unless you’re saying it as a compliment so in that case they definitely want to hear that they’re “thick”). Therefore as much as you can, try and polish your honesty in a way that compliments her and still is the truth. So it doesn’t sound instigating and she doesn’t get mad at you.


8. They want to have fun with you

I heard of this saying once. It goes, if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. While that’s still up for debate, girls genuinely do want to have fun with you. They want to spend quality with you, play with you, laugh with you, do silly things with you. So whenever you’re with you’re friends they can be a little at ease knowing that no matter how much fun you’re having with your friends, you secretly can’t wait to get back to her.

9. They want to be pampered.

Massages, cuddling, foot rubs, eating out once in a while, thoughtful gifts e.t.c. These are all the things girls like to be treated to. Even though some may act more independent than others, they really appreciate it when you spoil them a little.


10. They want to be appreciated

Ah, number 10, appreciation. A lot of times, guys aren’t very appreciative of their girls since it seems like the guy is the one always providing the means of enjoyment. That may be true, but usually when a girl really loves you, she goes all out for you. She wants you to be happy by all means necessary, she wants to be there for you and you talk to her about your problems too. It would be nice if you appreciated whatever it is she does to make you happy or keep you going.


That’s it for today folks, I’ve let you have some little secrets that’ll help your relationship flourish. Although it’s not 100% bulletproof, you might do all these things and your girl still isn’t happy. It’s either one, you’re doing all the right things but she wants these same things from someone else or, she’s just a babe (b that rhymes with stitch) and wants to mess with you. You should know whether or not to continue that relationship at that point.

Remember, for any issues you may be having concerning relationships and you’re desperately in need of advice, send an email to and at request, it would be featured next week Thursday on the magazine.

In any case, I still remain your dearest Aunt Agony.
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