Fayose Can Give Nigerians The Leadership We Deserve-CAN

Fayose Can Give Nigerians The Leadership We Deserve-CAN

CAN reportedly said that Fayose’s presidential declaration of September 28, 2017 in Abuja, could only be done by somebody with uncommon audacity without considering the
intimidation that would follow.

CAN underscored; “The leader that Nigeria really needs is the one that shuns the cosmetic approach because he knows it is superficial and the ” quick fix it” approach because he knows it is temporary. The country needs a leader who has the courage to face problems honestly, the wisdom to understand them, the strength to do something about them and the faith to trust God to do the rest.”
CAN added that the nation’s problems could only be solved by leaders who held God in high esteem and that Fayose is one of those rare leaders.He reaffirmed that the assignment of rebuilding the country would not be impossible for Fayose as a leader because God’s grace would be sufficient for him.

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Seriously. Of ALL people. CAN keeps being a disappointment anyway. They’re very political now.


Things of such is bound to happen since most of their Executives are politically inclined..

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