DAY 1,


I awoke to the feel of loss, at that moment I knew something was wrong. It just didn’t smell right, I felt for what was amiss but I was too lucid to comprehend that my treasure had been taken. I took deep breathes to steady my heart, took a few more to collect my thoughts. Surfing through my muddled mind for consciousness, sleep drifted away opening my eye to reality that I had been robbed. My treasure stolen, who dares steal from me? A question asked by a confused man. I was distraught and didn’t know the way forward, the more I thought of it the more it angered me. The treasure I toiled for, the precious I took years of sweat to obtain, gone in the blink of an eye. The hole grew wider, I felt it stretch drilling in pain, anger then bitter acceptance,  that on this beautiful October night my treasure was stolen.

Those who lurk in the dark have stolen from me, silent as a spider he climbs shooting webs at my treasures then taking it from right under my nose, such confidence he has a heart of a rhino always ready to charge, seeking to take of the impossible. A night dweller dressed in black, eyes as sharp as hawks, as alert as a hare always ready to spring at the slightest sign of trouble. You whom the night respects and accepts I am but you latest victim.

I search for what was stolen, I want it back there is nothing more precious to me than that treasure it holds, my essence the part of me that illuminates. I search moving from place to place seeking that who lives within the night, I asked and search but no one saw anything. It was a hopeless quest but I kept on searching until all semblance of hope was lost at that moment in time I accepted because there was no other way but to move on. I may have moved on but I never forget, a part of me still seeks my treasure which was stolen.

Ismail Issa


Lover of Books, Writer, Digital Marketer and Tech gadget freak. My philosophy is simple "Plan, Pray and Be Patient".