Diary of the victim

Diary of the victim


Day 3


I felt as hunger groped the inner confines of my stomach, sucking it of every available fluid. My stomach cried in inaudible voices trying to quench the gastric acid that dug through its walls. I sought relief, devouring every semblance of food to quench the vacuum of hunger that was my reality. I walked blinded by pain, searching for the confines of my cupboard where I stocked my food for consumption. I rolled rather than walk because I couldn’t trust my legs to hold me, I floated in and out of consciousness believing my inner compass will lead me where I needed to be.

I barged in for patience and courtesy were nothing but a distant echo in the confines of my mind, the moment I enter the aroma of food hit me so hard I stumbled to a grinding halt. My roommate was at it again devouring what he did not sow. I saw a feast before him lay before a bowl of beans accompanied by a large bowl of cassava flakes (garri) containing what appears groundnut and milk. My mind totally came on alert, fear instantly registering on my consciousness. I felt my heart skip a beat as the reality of what I saw dawned on me, my cupboard was open and basically empty like an avalanche had gone through it. Oh I felt my blood boil, my room had help himself to my priceless food stuff again only this time he had left it empty.

My blood boiled on dying fumes, trying but stupidly failing to frame anger. Like an avenging angel, I all but descended on the feast without a word of plea, I dug my sweat coated hands into the bowl of cassava flakes drawing a dripping handful of it into my mouth, sucking on my finger I savored the taste of my poor sweet sugar he emptied into the mixture. North bound on train to relief I didn’t waste digging my hand into the steaming bowl of beans burning my skin in the process, the pain gave me no restraints as I stuck it into my salivating mouth. As my hunger resided I stared into the surprised gaze that my roommate gaze me, but I just sat silently eating daring him to speak.

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