My Descent from Wealth to Poverty.

My Descent from Wealth to Poverty.

I was the short handsome guy who owned a branded Toyota Camry. I wasn’t born rich don’t get me wrong, my parents are just medium class citizens. I became rich because I was brilliant, it was like luck and success were in my blood. I was studious yes but that wasn’t all, I had an uncanny ability to always knowing what the answers were even when the questions were strange. So my money came not from business or my parents they came from scholarships, awards, rewards. If there was anything the best student got as a reward I got it.

Well, being brilliant is never a guaranty that you wouldn’t be foolish. So like many outstanding and incredibly brilliant students with outrageous IQ’s I was a little lacking in the social department. I so very few friends and those who came around didn’t really like me they just wanted my knowledge, some didn’t even hide the fact that they were jealous of my achievements. Then things changed when I won my Toyota Camry during an international competition where I represented my university, it was a happy experience I tell you. Being the owner of a brand new car is quite different from buying a used one, for one my pride and self-esteem rose but it also brought vipers and canker-worms into my life.

The simple summary to my story was I got broke and I don’t mean the kind broke when you still have a few thousands in my account, no not that. I literarily ran dry. Explaining everything in graphic detail will just make you swear and curse me for my foolishness. The worst part of my down fall was that I knew I was being foolish I just thought I was invincible to destruction. I met this unfortunate group of students on one of my trips to the fueling stations. I would like to say they won my heart because they smiled and joked like they had no worries in the world, but sincerely it was the lust I felt when I looked at cyntia. She literarily made me my heart skip a beat, I just gazed locked at her features.

Those that said the fall of man starts with a woman, knew what they were talking about because everything started cascading down the drain because of my need to please her. My heart burned for her like I couldn’t understand, before I knew it I started rolling with their gang. I got reprimanded, cautioned and advised against it but I just raised after my emotions like a kid. My stupidity paid off, we started dating and earned my first kiss. I was hooked but unknown to me that was the checkmate to my decent into red zone. You might be think about how rich I was, wait a bit I will tell you maybe then you too might just crucify me.

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We spent money in every way money can be spent, crazy shopping sprees, sightseeing, camping, clubbing, food tasting, and wine tasting. Name it we did it, we did to everything that could be done and satisfied every weird cravings we had. I took her to the richest restaurants and best of hotels, while she always whispered how much she loved and cared for me. Thinking back I think meeting her was what killed me, beware guys your Delilah may be around the corner but it was my G’s who literarily buried me. It was going to come, I knew it deep down somewhere, we were party crazy jumping from club to club, party to party I knew it wouldn’t last forever a part of me knew but that didn’t stop me from drinking a sea of booze and smoking a field of weed. I was always a little high tethering on the edge like I was running from reality and didn’t wish this dream world to end.

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Who says we get all we wish, because that person needs a punch to the face. It ends as suddenly as it began, my account ran dry and I couldn’t fund our extravagant life style. The all hopped away one by one like a grasshopper who had finished feasting on a once enticing leaf, I was frozen shocked I always fear the day this would come. In reality when I met them I had a car, more than 10 million Naira in my account and about 1 million in uncollected scholarships. When they left me my car was totaled during one of our night escapades, I had no money to repair it so I sold it. My account was less than 2,000 naira. According to my banker I spent more than 15 million naira in less than 5 months. I don’t remember how I spent that much I tell you but the reality of where I am now is so clear that I wouldn’t really have believe I lived that kind of life if i couldn’t see the scars.

It would be misguided of you to think I had a bad childhood, no there’s none of that. I was loved, thought and given the best of morals a child needed to be a responsible man. It was I who thought I could go over the deep end and come out unscratched, well I have the experience and scars to show for it. My story may feel distant, you may think it might never happen to you. Oh, I pray it doesn’t but please don’t think you are safe from stupidity because you might just open your eyes to the reality that you are rock bottom narrating the story that forever changed your life.



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