Controversy Over the Allowance Earned by Senators

Our beloved country(Nigeria) will never run out of short epistles.The thing is when you think that you have heard enough of political,sport and social stuffs,they keep coming one after the other as if one is loading bags of grain in a truck and it seems to be never-ending.You see…..those stuffs is what makes us unique.The moment you hear wetin dey for your area….it signals to you that something political is going down and people no dey gree but what can man do? Nigeria is virtually a place anything is bound to happen yet the only thing we can do is to keep making the whole issue controversial.

The allowances rumoured to be earned by legislators has raised a lot of uproar from Nigerians, it was reported in the media that Nigerian senators will earn around N8.6billion for wardrobe allowance. This has however been refuted by the chairman of the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission(RMAFC), Elias Mbamannual who said a senator will get the sum of N506,600 per annum, which is 25 percent of their basic salary.Do we even think that the fact that the chairman refuted that sum would stop Nigerians from talking about it? You see….a s an average Nigerian,i would have done the same because it is a call of nature.Everyone would still complain about some set of people even if they have the best of everything.
Dear Nigerians,instead of storming our minds with wetin dey? or wetin dey sub ?’ all the time……Let’s try confessing’Nigeria go better’.The betterment of Nigeria would reduce all our complaints to the barest minimum.. We can’t confess it by word of mouth alone…. Let’s work together to make Nigeria better…..that is my humble opinion.

#Naija go beta




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The money those senators earn is not even funny

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