Campus Conflict: Unilag Or Ui Girls?Which Is Hotter?

Campus Conflict: Unilag Or Ui Girls?Which Is Hotter?

Is there anyone who has never experienced clash of interest out there?I guess it is a definite no-no especially among students.We get wired up to strike people harder when our various institutions are being criticised.Of course,it is a call of nature for us to be defensive in circumstances like that.You know,it is not the best to strike at all times.We need to Understand that no matter how you sharpen wood,you will still find rough edges built around it.In terms of affluence,popularity and beauty,one can’t dispute the fact that both Unilag and Ui girls possesses it but you see,conflict of interest will always find its way on the tip of our tongue.

Isiwu immaculata(Mbgn Miss Tourism 2011,former student of the University of Lagos

The thing is Unilag have more social girls and they party a lot Unlike Ui babes.They are really too distracted from the realities of education.Unilag halls of residence and libraries are worse than dunghills in idia hall in Ui.The life of Ui babes is too centred around Kenneth Dike Library…no chill at all…

Miss Tobi Phillip,Student of the University of Lagos

In terms of beauty,i am optimistic that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.One can fathom real and physical beauty from ladies especially when they have not dressed up,brush their teeth or even get up from the bed in the morning.Unilag girls don’t have the looks but have the features;Their beauty is carved out from what is called ‘packaging’.That is to say, a sudden visit to any Unilag girls’hostel is a disaster of the highest order.Ui girls don’t really have the packaging but they have got the looks.One need to see Ui girls during Test and Exams,one would think that they are the only ones meant to fulfil the realities of education.What Surprises one is that they would still look pretty amidst their shabby hairstyles.

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Miss Oyo state 2016,University of Ibadan

The fact is that most times, beautiful girls are ignored even in beauty contests while only the ones with beautiful skills earns the crown.Based on this,one cannot hide the fact that Unilag girls are hotter….this is a call to action on both Ui and Unilag girls that they should try to strike a balance between their social and Academic lives.

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