Campus Conflict : Which One Has The Classiest Academic Environment Between Ui And Unilag

Campus Conflict : Which One Has The Classiest Academic Environment Between Ui And Unilag
Kenneth Dike Library Ui
Unilag Library

We have been living our own lives believing in the fact that a book cannot be judged by its cover.I am optimistic that we would have to beg for space in the realms of the idea that there are many books out there that their cover has been ripped up yet one would still find something readable and worthwhile from the inside.University of Lagos and University of Ibadan can be likened to that proverbial book that should not judged with the colours of their front gates, the numbers of the classiest flowers in their faculty buildings and the loftiness of their halls.A standard Academic environment should be determined in terms of Classrooms,libraries, cool parks and vice versa.

Chemistry Department Lecture theatre,Ui

Both Ui and Unilag satisfies what I will call the basic requirements that is expected of an Academic oriented Institutions but what if I drive my point forward and shifts a little to the peak by challenging us with ‘ Do you think all Academic oriented Institutions have an Academic Environment?’ My answer is some schools like Ui and Unilag is Academic-oriented and still have good learning environment but you know,in every chess board or card games,you will always come across the lead character.

Jam packed Lecture theatre(Faculty of Education,Unilag)
Source: Linda ikeji’s blog

In my own opinion, 70% of Ui Libraries and Classrooms are showy.At least,i have jammed my books to one of their female halls’ library and it was fully air-conditioned.At least,I can sleep and wake up to read smoothly without having scary dreams in Ui Classrooms.I can’t demean Unilag’s glorified status too because i can’t dispute the fact that there are many geniuses in Nigeria that Unilag blood runs through their veins,i don’t think such people would have been able to sail through if they had spent their academic life in the worst Academic environment.The thing is,in most circumstances,majority will always carry the vote because you can’t chart the course of life with only what you know,there are people out there who knows where you are,where you have been and where you have gone since they have crossed umpteen times to where you are still battling with.Let’s feed our eyes with some views about the theme from Students from the two institutions.

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No,Unilag do not have a classy Academic Environment.


I think the two institutions is good….it is quite difficult to choose but i think going for Ui is better.


I think Ui is a better option . Our environment though situated in town environment have most of its buildings as traditional in a certain format like every one of the buildings is stuck in time with only few new ultra-modern buildings.Our classrooms are a little modern… At least I am sure of my department.

Relaxation park beside the DSA Office in Unilag where students can chill out and glance over their books
Love garden in Ui where people can relax and study
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