Beautiful Christmas Stars

Beautiful Christmas Stars

Sally stood at the door post of their wooden hut as she beheld a girl of eight whose eyes was widely opened all through the night.Alice perched like a bird on a wooden fence at the backyard with her eyes totally fixed at stars.Sally yawned and rinsed her face with a small bowl of water that clung to her right hand. “Alice,don’t tell me you spent the night here”.Sally Said.The Sky was inviting and garnished with stars.Alice was sad and refused to sleep because her father believed that a young girl cannot withstand the sight of flocks of sheep in the field.In a twinkle of an eye,Alice’s father and his two friends came by after a long night in the field.They were exhausted and famished.Sally greeted the trio and handled a loaf of bread and some cheese to each of them.All of a sudden, every one of them nearly fell off from their position as a bright light appeared.Sally held unto his husband and child while the other men were glued to their supposed spot like a fool.They were very scared.

They had their hearts back in the proper position when a host of beautiful angels spoke to them but then,they bowed their head.”Do not be afraid.I bring you good news.Today a Saviour is born in Bethlehem.He is the son of God.I admonish you to go to the will see the baby lying in a manger provided you follow the brightest star”.The angels said.

Thousands of angels appeared and sang melodious songs to God but they returned to heaven afterwards.Alice’s father did away with the remnants of bread in his hands and kept gazing at the only shining star over Bethlehem which was left in the sky.”Hurry! We have to go to the city and find this Saviour”.Said Alice’s Father to his two friends.They strolled in quick fashion to where the star was shining down on the stable behind the Inn and found Mary,Joseph and the baby in the stable.Jesus was laid in a feeding manger full of fresh fray and wrapped in neat cloth.The night from the star shone back to the baby’s face.They thanked God for bringing a Saviour to the world on bended Knees.

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We should always keep it at the back of our mind that Jesus is the reason for the season.

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