Aunt Agony Series- Help! I’m In Love With My Best-friend’s Girl

Aunt Agony Series- Help! I’m In Love With My Best-friend’s Girl

Dear MaryJane

I’ve been a little reluctant to share this with a complete stranger, but I figured, what the heck. I’m in a tight spot and I’d take the assistance wherever it comes from. Here’s the problem. I’m in love with my bestfriend’s girlfriend and I don’t know what to do.
Me, my bestfriend George and his girlfriend Teni, go way back. We’ve been friends since secondary school. George and Teni weren’t always a couple. In fact, she was my very good friend before George moved to our school in JSS3. But after graduation they started dating and were pretty serious. I was happy for the both of them.
We all got admitted to the same university and me and George got a room off campus and became roommates. Teni frequently visited us and spent the night in our room sometimes. Though she was dating George, we both still had our shared moments were we’d talk and remember our childhood days. I’ve never really had a steady girlfriend, I’m not a player. Apparently, girls just tend to use me because I have some connections and I know a couple famous people. Teni was the only female friend I had that didn’t like me because of that. George was aware of our friendship and he trusted us both when we were alone.
A while back, George’s family had to relocate from the country, so he had to leave for school over there. It really broke Teni’s heart but they both agreed to do the long distance thing and George made me promise to keep all those boys away from her. Seeing that at that moment, I saw Teni as my sister, I gave him my word and he left.
For a minute, everything was going on well. The three of us would Skype together at night like George wasn’t a distance away and they still had their private moments where I wasn’t included in which was fine. Teni still came by the room to see me and we’d talk or play FIFA or study together. I could tell she missed George so sometimes, I’d take her out so we could do other things.
Gradually, I started seeing Teni in a new light. I realized that I was slowly falling for her charm. Honestly, that made me start avoiding her because I couldn’t imagine betraying George’s trust like that. I even tried dating someone in other to stop seeing Teni so often. But I couldn’t stop thinking about her.
One night, out of nowhere, Teni came knocking at my room door in tears. I tried to calm her down but she was hysterical. When she eventually stopped crying she told me that she and George got into a heated argument that night and he had said some nasty things. I began to comfort her and then we started kissing and well it all went south from there. I woke up the next morning and I was ashamed of myself, I couldn’t believe what I had done. I took advantage of my best friend’s girl when she was in a bad place. I was meant to be keeping guys away from her but I should have been the one to be kept away. When she woke up, I could tell she was also ashamed, but she still kissed me.
She finally told me that I was actually the cause of their argument, that she kept on mentioning my name when she was talking to George and he got really upset about it. She admitted that she always had a crush on me since secondary school but didn’t think I liked her back so she just accepted George and she grew to love him. But now that he wasn’t around anymore and she started spending more time with me her feelings resurfaced. I told her I had feelings for her too but I didn’t know how to tell her without ruining our friendship.
George called later that evening and I pretended I was sick so we couldn’t talk for long. I couldn’t bear to look at him after what Teni and I had done. Now we both don’t know what to do. George is like a brother to me, and I’ve betrayed him. On the other hand, I think.. no, I am completely sure that I have fallen in love with Teni and I want to take things to the next level with her. When George calls now, we all still pretend to be friends. Teni wants to come clean but I can’t do it… Not yet. He’s been very good to me. I’m afraid we’d never be the same once it happens and there’s no going back from it. Okay Mary Jane, What do I do now?


Wow, This is quite a story . It’s the classic case of a love triangle. Years of friendship all going down the drain because of one bad choice. While I will offer you some advice, I believe it is now my tradition to put a disclaimer out there. No matter what advice I or the readers will give you, it will still be up to you to make a decision.

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Now back to the matter at hand. You are in love with your best friend’s girl friend and you don’t know what to do about it. Here’s a simple answer. Date her! Why? Because she’s a girlfriend, not a wife. Some might think I’m being too straight forward with my reply but hear me out.

Ofcourse, yes you and Teni both did a bad thing. You betrayed a friend’s trust and Teni cheated on her man. But honestly, was it really unexpected? Be truthful to yourself. I for one don’t think so. The sensible thing Teni would have done was to break up with George, wait for a while and then come clean to you about her feelings. But since when has anyone “in love” been sensible.

Now you’re both lying to George and doing undercover romance because you don’t want to get caught. George deserves to know the truth. No matter how painful it might be, he deserves to know. He deserves to get mad, to cut both of you off if he has to because he will need time to heal. So, if it comes to that, don’t be surprised.

Love is unexpected. From what you’ve written, it’s not like you intended to hurt him. It just happened and now there’s nothing you can do but accept the consequences. If George is truly a good guy, he’ll understand and move on. You can’t exactly choose who you love. Even if it’s your best friend’s girlfriend who is also your friend. After all, the rules of fair play do not apply in the love and war.

For the readers that have opinions on the matter, go ahead and leave your comments on the section below. What do you think is the proper thing for Olu to do in a situation like this? Continue lying to George and keep his friendship or tell the truth at the risk of loosing his best friend for love?


P.S- If you ever need relationship advice, your Aunt MaryJane is always here for you. Just shoot me an email at  As always, I promise to withold all real names and do a little bit of editing just incase your boyfriend or girlfriend is one of my readers. Lol! Catch you guys next week Thursday!!!

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