The tale of angry Odin.

I was invisible, the shadow of my class. I never spoke in class and was a stranger to all my lecturers. It wasn’t like I never wanted to relate, I just I had the weakness of always saying yes to even the most stupidest ideas because I never liked offending people. People think me weird but it was how I grew up, I was to treat everybody with respect and importance. I know what most people will call who I am, but that is my reality. It’s just as you thought, I have been hurt, disgraced and taken advantage off too many time to count that I became an introvert due to shame. I became a shadow that lurked in the light of people because I was alone and castigated but the dark my special friend gladly accepted me without a word.

As old as the origins of the premier university, he was worshiped. He had taught kings, priest, governors, ministers and lecturers. He was an encyclopedia of knowledge and as you would infer should be an encyclopedia of wisdom but that wasn’t the case as you will understand as I narrate my sorrow.

There was no doubt, he ruled. The problem was that he preyed on the weak and discouraged the strong. Many will say that has been his recipe for success. That’s why he has so many successful students, but many forget the many whose life he destroyed in the name of knowledge. His class were always very interesting there was no doubt, student entered his class knowing they will always leave with a smile. The kind of smile is what many don’t understand, it is never a smile of joy, and it’s the one centered around misery and dirty jest. His jokes preyed on unsuspecting students, but the way he crafts his words will always bring dirty smiles to smug faces.

On this faithful day, glorious Odin was angry. He entered class as usual like a drunk degenerate king coming to make another hour of misery with his hopeless subjects. His pot belly blobbed from side to side making his walk imbalance like he might just topple over, the whole class fell quiet like the grim reaper himself had visited, fearing he might just pounce on them this sunny afternoon. He was in a foul mood ready to unleash his anger on any unsuspecting victim. Many felt it, trying to make themselves appear smaller so as to become invisible to his domineering eyes.

Hermes come here, he shouted as his voice booming through the walls. His voice was so authoritative, I wondered how he did it. People always obeyed whenever he added weight to his voice, this was one of those times. The unlucky person on this occasion was our class captain, he ran head on heels almost colliding with a desk. I felt sorry for him, we all were. He had begged times without number to be changed, but there was nothing he could do, Odin had marked him.

Seated at his normal spot, we looked expectantly waiting for the perceptive direction this class will face. I was alarmed at how much I was expectant of the next person to face his demented misery. Unknown to us, he had another kind of misery planned for us. Hermes he said, write on the board ‘Test’, then below write question one: what is your name? Two: what’s your matric number? Three: what’s your course code? Four: date. After the class captain finished he said start, you have 20 seconds. Before we knew it he said submit. Now we all knew that when Odin said you should submit and you don’t, you get to mark the script yourself. So it wasn’t a surprise that some people were submitting blank sheets, the class was about 100 large and not everyone understood that he was really serious, before the time was expended.

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You may be wondering what all this story is winding up to, do wet your lips. My predicament is words away, and yes a lady was involved. I like every other time sat in the middle row just a little to the edge, so that I looked inconspicuous and invisible but today was a little different I had a gorgeous Venus siting right next to me and all I could do was stare straight ahead biting on my nails so that I don’t stare. I knew she was trouble immediately I saw her, the way she dress and the way she commanded attention made her the perfect prey for Odin. As Odin said start, she was basically clueless and jumpy about what was asked of her, I guess it was too much to ask for her to have both beauty and brains. I first kept to myself but as her blunder grew pathetic, it became too painful to ignore so I told her what she had to do. Yea, I was the super hero only that this super hero went a step further to dig his own grave.

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Seconds to go, I was done and gave her my script to pass, oh no she didn’t do that she decided in her wisdom to keep it and copy mine word for word. I guess she was used to having things her own way, and like the good boy I am, I watched. It wasn’t until I heard submit did I look again to check if she had passed it. To my bewilderment she hadn’t, I asked her politely to pass my script. She just looked at me with pleading eyes that melted my reason. And as you know the reward of fools is never far behind. Odin sighted her and told her to stand with the script she was copying. I couldn’t breathe, I stood so still not a muscle moved.

Odin unforgiving in power, laughed when he saw what she was wearing. It was like he was congratulating himself for finding the perfect prey. He asked her to come out, as she walked out he made a snap comment about how a legs looked like chicken legs and the way he skirt was up like there wasn’t enough materials to go around her body. The comments and jokes kept rolling and students kept laughing all except me. I was the super hero remember, and here I was fuming. Things kind of skyrocketed from there when he saw her with two different scripts. That was where my shadows fled me and I was thrust into the unforgiving light. He called my name twice before I stood. in my defense I still didn’t believe this was happening.

Even before I got to the front he tore my script, it was like I was entering hell’s pit facing Lucifer before his throne. I just stood speechless, I couldn’t say a thing as words evaded. I just looked into his black devouring eyes as he destroyed everything I had built up.  He told me I had failed the course if I didn’t attend all his lectures siting on the first seat of the first row. He made fun of everything I had, from my Afro hair, to my dirty jeans to my superman shirt. I felt what it really meant to be on this end of his rod. It was so much fun smiling that I never thought what those kind of smiles did. I was marked, slowly shattering before angry Odin and I was powerless.

My tale may look or seem normal, but I was hurt beyond what your little sorry can heal. I still have the scars to show for the laughs they had. My story maybe ordinary and forgotten but it is my untold story and I will never forget it. So when next you laugh at someone’s misery in class remember tomorrow it may just be you standing before that pedestal of shame, I pray may you have scars to remember.



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